Saturday, August 25, 2007

Lazy, Cloudy Saturday

This morning I tried to watch Spanish Sesame Street. I hate to say it but it's too advanced for me. They talk and sing too fast. The soap operas are better because they stop and stare at each other between lines. The comedies are good too because they stop for the laughs and use a lot of body language.

It is days like this that I realize how much I rely on shopping for entertainment. Without it I am forced to re-evaluate my stuff, my goals, my life. I definitely need to rent out this house. It feels like a big (expensive) empty shell. I am tied to my job because of the mortgage and my budget is so tight I can't put anything in to savings right now. At least with my last job I made enough money so that if I didn't shop I was rewarded with extra money for savings. Now I only make enough to cover the bills. It is so depressing. I don't want to work until I am 65 and retire on the little bit of money that trickles in to my 401k. I want to save money now so I can chase my dreams as soon as I can. That picture above is my little mobile home in the desert where I can live mortgage free! Just as soon as I do something with my un-sold house.

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