Friday, August 24, 2007

Yah! Friday!

I love Fridays although since I am not shopping for food or other things and not starting any projects which cost money, I don't really have any plans. That is a good thing because I can do those things that I always put off. How about scrubbing the tub? Oooh, sounds like fun. How about making that lasagna that I still haven't made? It's a good weekend for that. It is supposed to rain and the temperature should be under 100 degrees so using the oven won't be as bad.

I have already trimmed my shrubs in the backyard. I came home from work today and the weather was still cool from the earlier rain. The mosquitos weren't out yet and I wanted to get a picture of my Red Bird of Paradise. Isn't it purdy? I have been waiting all summer for this thing to bloom. The ones in the road median have been blooming for months. So, while I was out there I trimmed the shrubs and fertilized the ones that needed a boost. That's one less chore for tomorrow.

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