Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Before the Power Goes Out-Things I Should Have Done

Let's see, when the power went off at work I was the only one with a flashlight in my car. One point for me! Too bad the batteries were so weak it was more like a night light. It was enough light to see my way around the bathroom at work without falling in though.

I locked myself out of my house. Take my point away :( I was relying on my electric garage door opener to get inside. I knew I was supposed to find my spare key, I just never remembered when I was out at my RV (where the key was). I had a spare key in the garage. That didn't do me much good.

Have phone numbers of friends handy. I did that one. I have numbers in my wallet and car. I had to get my realtor's number off of the big for-sale sign in front of my house.

Have a place to spend the night if you can't go home. I have 2 co-workers who have offered their guest rooms. I prefer to stay at my RV. Most of my stuff is out there and I have extra food, water, deoderant, toothbrush, even some makeup. What I didn't have was a hairbrush. Good thing I didn't have to go to work like that!

I have started filling my gas tank when it gets to half full. It's a smaller gas bill that way (not cheaper, just a smaller total) and I should always have a half tank in an emergency. Like last night when I went out to my property 25 minutes away, I didn't have to stop and fill up in a rain storm.

It would also be good to have an emergency kit in my car. I have a little one. I need to go through it again. My emergency candle melted all over everything and I doubt my 8 year old glow sticks would be very reliable. I had the first aid kit in the picture above safely stored in the closet in my house. (The house that I was locked out of!)

The other thing that was handy was the car radio. Storm damage and road closures were big news. Even if I wasn't driving in that area it was interesting. I mean, come on, I couldn't watch TV or get on the computer! What else was I supposed to do? Play in the puddles?

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