Sunday, July 29, 2007

Popcorn Disasters

I just went through all of the blogs on the Frugal blogroll on the right side because I read an article about popcorn last week. I couldn’t find it again. I also saw Good Eats on the Food Channel show how to pop good popcorn on the stove.

When I was a kid we popped popcorn as an after school snack. I remember an old air popper with a little butter melter on the side. I loved that butter melter. We also had an oil popper. The popcorn at the bottom sat in the oil making it a little tough. We also tried popping it in the microwave in a paper bag. It was hard not to burn it. And lastly we popped it in a glass bowl with butter and a plate covering the top. It was super hot when we took it out of the microwave and one of my sisters melted a ring on the arm of the couch when she put the bowl down to watch TV. Sorry Mom!

I decided to experiment with popcorn again. I like store bought microwave popcorn and recently I bought the single serving bags but I know I am paying a lot. I have 2 old bags of popcorn kernels and I dug them out and decided to try to pop them. I put some popcorn in a pan with some oil, put the lid on and waited. After a few minutes I got some pitiful pops but mostly the kernels just split. I tried some yellow corn and some red corn but no luck. What I discovered was that 5 year old popcorn is time for popcorn to retire. I wish I had chickens, they would have loved it.

Then I got the bright idea to get one of the “light” microwave popcorn bags that I bought but don’t like. I opened the bag, washed the goo off of the kernels and tried to pop it in a pan with oil. It did better than the old popcorn kernels but it was still very disappointing. That blue bowl should be overflowing. I had to chew it very carefully because there were many hard kernels. I would rather pay for microwave popcorn than pay $600 for a broken tooth.

I have one more bag of light popcorn. Next time I am going to wash the kernels again and then put them back in the bag with some butter and put them in the microwave. I’ll do that later. I am really sick of popcorn right now.


Kim said...

My mom bought me a hot air popper for Christmas from Walmart for under $20. When you use Orville Reddinwhatever it works great. Generic popcorn doesn't work well because the moisture level isn't correct on the kernels. I use mine almost daily, I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog via the frugal blogroll. I think I read the popcorn post you're trying to find at Stop the Ride. Looking forward to reading more from you!

Anonymous said...

I have had the best luck with a yard sale air popper. I see them literally every Saturday for a dollar or two.

Glad you've joined the Frugal Blogroll--I look forward to reading Frugal Freedom!

Daizy said...

Thanks for you comments!
Kim-Thanks for reminding me about using quality kernels. Maybe that's why the air popped popcorn I remember as a kid was tough.

Starryfish-Thanks for finding that article. I knew I wasn't hallucinating!

Meredith-So many people seem to love their air poppers, I am definitely going to have to try one with some good quality kernels.