Saturday, July 28, 2007

A Bit Out of My Reach

So, I have a TV antenna on top of a 20ft tower on my property. One of the previous owners put it there. I don't use it because there is another antenna on top of the mobile home that I have connected to my RV.

The problem is that it has started to lean. It used to be tethered but two of the wire cables have come undone. I think the trees they were attached to have since died. The frugal side of me would like to find a way to gently ease it down and then sell the antenna and the tower. This is not something I can do myself though. I could also wait for it to fall down and then sell the tower alone since the antenna will probably break.

In the mean time, I bought some cable and connectors to anchor the tower so that it won't fall over any time soon. Unfortunately a big storm was moving in this morning and I didn't have a lot of time to secure it. The tether is not tight so if there is a lot of wind it will probably break.

Oh well, I made an effort. I can fix it later if it is still standing after the storm. Maybe sacrificing the antenna would be the best and safest way to bring the tower down. Then I can take it appart and sell it on craigs list. My neighbor would be happy to see it gone. The first thing he asked me after I bought the place was when are you taking down that tower? I guess it clutters his view.

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Anonymous said...

Although it is not a ham radio antenna, a ham would likely want the tower and rotator. There are likely several hams in your area who would come and take it down for you if it was offered free or cheap. Most hams have plenty of experience taking down and putting up towers. If you google "Amateur Radio Club" and your city or area name, you should find a good contact.