Monday, July 30, 2007

I Guess My Sewer Bill Was Feeling Left Out

Who would have thought that the quiet little sewer bill would ever cause me problems. It has been a nice, and low $7 since I bought the house. Now I get a bill that is almost double the amount. Ok, so it’s only $12 but I liked the $7 bill. It was neat and tidy and fit nicely in to my budget.

The bill came with a pamphlet which explained that the rates were increasing and why but that the average bill would only increase $1.27. Of course I called them and said how come my bill went up so much? They said where did you hear $1.27? I said your pamphlet! I guess they don’t expect people to read them. Then he tells me that along with the rate increase, the sewer bills are recalculated every year using the average water bill for the past Dec., Jan., and Feb. Those just happen to be my biggest water months because my house was rented out to 7 people for 2 of those months and the water pipe in the backyard froze and sprayed water for who knows how long. The year before that I was only at the house on the weekends.

So I guess I have been paying an extremely low fee based on one person visiting on the weekends. Well, it was nice while it lasted. Then he said that the increase was only in effect for half of last month so the next bill will show the full increase. Gee, something to look forward too.

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