Friday, July 6, 2007

My Thrift Store Finds

About once a month I like to go to two nearby thrift stores and find some additions to my wardrobe. It’s an inexpensive way to expand my wardrobe without draining my wallet. Last week I found a nice shirt for casual Fridays and a crocheted vest. I was really looking for a pair of brown pants but no luck there. After trying on many pairs of pants at the first store I grabbed a khaki pair at the second one. I didn’t try them on because I didn’t like the dressing rooms at that particular store. They were the kind with only a curtain hanging instead of a door and they were right next to the check out line. No privacy there! They were 50% off which made them $2 so I figured I would risk it and by them anyway. It turns out they fit perfectly. The only problem is that there were some bleached spots around the bottom cuffs. A friend of mine suggested cutting them off to make shorts or capris but I really prefer pants. I think I will buy some decorative trim and cover the bottom inch of each leg. True, this will add cost and time to their total price but they will also be a unique item that I will enjoy wearing and they will still be cheaper than the retail store.

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