Sunday, July 1, 2007

Keep a Close Eye on Those Bills

I received a bill from my RV insurance this month. I usually don't get a bill from them until October so I took a closer look. It was for $32 with no explanation so I called them. Turns out it was for travel insurance that I added to my policy while I was moving my RV. It was only good for the month of October and this was June. They said because my policy was renewing at the same time I wanted to add the travel insurance, it was never charged to my credit card.

Well, I wonder if they would have honored the policy if something had happened to my RV in October. I will never know but I decided to pay it anyway because I hope they would have honored it. They were willing to waive the $7 late fee which was good.

So that phone call saved $7. If I had been watching my credit card statements in October I might have caught the mistake back then. Still, $7 for a phone call isn't too bad.

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