Sunday, July 1, 2007

More Bill Problems

I was looking at the charges on my credit card bill today and noticed one from the local telephone company that wasn’t the usual amount. When I checked my phone bill I saw that it was a charge for my second phone line which I thought was on vacation hold. So, I called the phone company and they said that vacation hold meant that I was still charged half of the bill. Half of the bill for something I am not using just to keep a phone number that I don’t care about! That is crazy. I wish they had told me that when I signed up for a vacation hold. That little piece of information would have been very helpful. Now the phone line is cancelled. That’s $28 I’ll never get back.

Now my car insurance bill looks too high. I can’t believe I have had 3 abnormal bills in two weeks. My insurance agent promised me that my premium would go down when I renewed this month. Suddenly they don’t remember telling me that. Luckily I have the email to prove it. I will see what happens with that on Monday. The primary agent wasn’t in today. How convenient.

Only 5 showings in 5 weeks for my house so far. I am getting discouraged. I heard that the neighbor’s house is under contract but they came down significantly in their price. I hate this in-between place I am at. I need to make plans. I love plans. But now I am trapped not knowing if it will sell or I will have to rent it out. I don’t want to move back in permanently. My cat doesn’t like the house and she shows her disgust on my carpet. She cannot come back here. I need to give the house 3 more months on the market to give it a fair chance. 3 months seem like forever.

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