Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Adventures in WiFi

Qwest/Centurylink has always been my nemesis.  I spent so much time listening to that annoying automated voice that I cringe every time I hear it.  At least now they give me the option to push a button instead of telling that voice what I want.  I've been paying for the internet service out at my mobile home.  Initially, I kept it connected because I planned to go out there and sort through my stuff.  But then, the tenant moved in and I said, that's ok, I'll keep it on since this will be a temporary thing.  8 months later at $57 a month, I was looking forward to cancelling it as soon as he moved.  He will be responsible for all of his own utilities at the new house. 

Last month, my tenant sent me a text and asked if I had shut off the internet.  No, I wouldn't do that without telling him.  I called Centurylink and they got me to the right department which always takes extra time because Arizona seems to be still under the "Qwest" brand name and a different division of the company.  We went through the usual troubleshooting and they agree to sent a technician out.  3 days later, I get a phone call from the tech who can't find my property, which is normal, and I give him the "third cactus from the right" sort of directions.  He made it, went back and forth to the main box on the street a couple of times and determined that my modem was about to die and a rodent had chewed the wires at the street.  The rodent part was good news to me because I always like it to be their issue.  My tenant sent me a text and said the tech gave him a free modem and everything was fine now.  I didn't believe the "free" part so I called the tech and he said, yes, they give out free modems now if the modem is dying.  Wow, I'm impressed.  I bet Centurylink has a lot of extra modems from their leased returns.  What a good PR stunt.  And, he told me that he noticed that my account was not on a promotion so he added one.  It reduced my bill by $20! 

Now that my bill was reduced, I thought that if I got a promotion for my other service at the house, then I wouldn't need to cancel and I could afford to keep it on until I am in a position to move out to the property again.  I finally called and was surprised to hear "add a promotion" as one of the calling options.  No threats to cancel necessary, the agent happily added a 1 year promotion and reduced my bill by $25.  Great!  Now I can carry on with my plan to get the house ready to sell and move out to my property while simultaneously looking for a house to buy with my mother.  And I will still have wifi available at each location which is really handy for my phone with no data plan, just wifi.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

ha ha never a dull moment

Kim said...

You are really a nice landlord. Glad this all has a happy ending. Any luck finding a property by your mom?

Daizy said...

I am so glad the tenant is moved to the new place and paying for his own utilities. It's bad enough dealing with my own wifi issues.

Daizy said...

No luck yet. I keep checking daily. I hope to be ready to pounce on the perfect house when it appears.