Monday, April 17, 2017

Moving Things Around

Whew, I took an extra day off to make it a 4 day weekend but there was still so much running around.  One of these days I'm going to get to stay home.  On Thursday, I took Sassy to her vet appointment and dropped my other foster dog at the groomer for a trim.

Got home around 11 and made some breakfast/lunch.  Watched some TV and procrastinated because I was supposed to be doing my taxes.  Worked on my taxes enough to realize that since my nephew turned 17 last year, I couldn't claim the EIC credit for him.  Sadness.  I ended up owing $1200!  That was a shock.  I will have to adjust my withholding again.  And this year is the last year I will get to be Head of Household.  I go back to being just plain Single with the high taxes that go with it.  Plus, I'll have rental income from the second rental.  Taxes galore!  I need to retire soon and reduce my income.

Later in the day, someone wanted to meet my foster dog and that went well.  Then, my nephew had a Fine Arts demonstration at his high school where he sang two songs with his choir.  I was late but made it for the last song.

On Friday, my nephew and I had planned to move the love seat, dresser, dog pool and bike for my tenant, but first, my mother misplaced her keys so we drove over to help her out and she bought us lunch.  Then we went out to the property and loaded up the truck.  We had some trouble keeping the plastic pool inside the truck bed even with a cargo net so I had to stop and stuff in behind our seats.  The stuff made it safely to its destination and the nice neighbors helped us unload.  On the way home we got blocked by a stopped train so we went home the long way but that was ok because we went by the good car wash (the one that costs $5 and actually uses soap) and got the truck washed.  We made it home by 6.

Saturday was the big adoption event at the Tucson Expo Center.  One person came in to meet Sassy and they reserved her pending a visit to their house and their 10 cats. (yes, TEN!)  We shall see how that goes later this week.

 Sunday was Easter and we spent it with my mother and also celebrated her birthday which was the weekend before but she was out of town.  Got home at 5 and took a short nap to try to get rid of my headache.  Then, time to finish my taxes and file them. (Goodbye $1200).  I did get $450 back from the state from prepaying my taxes to public and private schools so I guess that's not so bad.

I don't think I mentioned how the move went last weekend.  It took longer than planned and was a really windy day but we didn't lose anything on the road and my nephew got a lot of experience driving the truck with a full load (the bed, refrigerator, and other belongings) 50 minutes across town.  I am so glad that is over and my tenant is settled in.  He is paying for his own utilities now too so I expect my electric bill to decrease dramatically (and even more so when the tiny house people leave next month).  I do love paying tenants but, oh my gosh, I need to simplify and consolidate some things.

Next steps: 
Take Sassy to meet her potential adopters sometime this week.
Take my other foster to meet the lady's husband and dog (if they are still interested).
Take some stuff from the house and put it in the barn-shed for storage so that I can organize my house.
Clean the mobile home and haul the trash away. 
Get handyman to fix the drip edge on my roof and grease the evaporative cooler because it is embarrassingly LOUD and I am trying not to run it even though it is in the mid-90's here.
Get handyman to rearrange the laundry area so that I don't have to drain the washer into a trashcan and empty it with a bucket anymore.  That is getting old.

Plus, one of my sisters is visiting and Aidan's grandfather is visiting next week.  Only 5 weeks until high school graduation!  We can make it.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Hang on, I am all confused again! The tenant from your land moved into which house? The one that you live in or the rental (the one that you used to live in)? I know you are moving in with mum but i thought a different house so.....?
Also, ten cats! Wow

Daizy said...

The new rental, 2 bedroom, 1 bath that I bought​ in March and remodeled. I should have written more about it but it was such a whirlwind of activity to get it fixed up and I didn't take many photos of it finished. I should give it a nickname but for now it is just rental house #2. I haven't even added up to total cost yet. Maybe I don't want to know.