Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Summer is Losing Its Grip

September.  The weather has cooled some.  Not cool enough to use the oven, but enough to be cool at night so that I can sleep well.  My dog who drinks a lot has been sleeping through the night too so I don't have to let him outside to pee at 1am.  His walking has improved somewhat on the Tramadol so I don't have to help him stand.  We had a vet appointment last night and his blood pressure has come down on the medication.  The vet is going to look in to other medications we can try.  For now, we will just wait and see.

Only 2 1/2 weeks left of the first quarter of my nephew's senior year.  He gets a 2 week fall break between quarters and will be going to visit my sister in California like he did last year.  She will help him write his paper for his video game designer career presentation which is due at the end of the year.  She also says she has work for him to do to earn money for his computer fund.  He has $250 so far but I think he will need at least $550 for an Alienware computer depending on if he wants to risk buying a used one.  We took a pile of books to sell to the used bookstore last weekend but they only paid 50 cents a book which came to a whopping $4 for the ones they wanted.  

He was disappointed and so was I.  I will be donating or selling the rest of them on Ebay/Amazon instead. 

The tenant in my mobile home does not complain which is good except when I start wondering if no news is bad news.  So far, it is all ok.  Home Depot had a rebate on paint, $40 off a 5 gallon bucket, so I bought 2 buckets.  Obviously, since I have already spend my surplus money for September on previous vet bills, I am borrowing money from my mortgage repayment plan but this deal was too good to pass up.  I got 10 gallons of paint for the same price (after rebate) as I paid for 5 gallons the first time.  5 gallons was not enough paint and I thought the original yellow color was too bright.  This time, I bought a much lighter yellow and 10 gallons should be plenty of paint for the second coat.  

My tenant will have plenty of painting to do for me.  It's a good job for him because I don't need to be there to supervise.  I hope to take a day off while my nephew is gone to continue cleaning out the storage room of the mobile home.  If I bring everything to my house and put it in the living room, I can sort and toss/give/sell more easily.  At least, that is the idea. 

I added up my debts and assets, like I do every month, and it is motivating to see how close I am getting to my goal.  I love dreaming about all the projects I can do after the mortgage is paid off.  I get ideas from blogs and vlogs and add things to my Amazon wish list like a gas-powered water pump and a Berkey water filter.  For now though, I should stay focused on de-cluttering.  On Saturday, I am taking my foster dog to an adoption event.  If he gets adopted, I think that would count as de-cluttering.  Aww, sorry foster-dog.  You know I'm probably going to keep you forever.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Dog de-cluttering? Thats all kinds of wrong. Behave yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sure foster dog is hoping to stay with his great human and doggie friends.

Daizy said...

Lol, I picked him because I thought it would be Ok if he stayed here forever. I would be sad if he actually got adopted.

Daizy said...

He does seem to like it here except that my chi-weenie dog is a bit of a bully. His safe spot is in the closet.

Big Sis said...

So how many dogs do you have at the moment? It sounds like you are down considerably from your all-time high. :-)

Daizy said...

Only 5. But then, I only wanted 2 so that I could walk them easily. Oh well, I can't walk 5 so I might as well keep collecting! Lol.