Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mortgage Update for April 2016

April mortgage update.  Another extra $1,200 went towards the principle for a total of $34,980 left.  2 more years to go at this rate. 

April is almost over which means I will do my usual denial through May that summer is here.  Then 4 months of 'too hot to do anything' followed by pretending that the weather cools down in October but usually it doesn't cool down until November.  I have shade cloth up at the house for my bedroom sliding door and for the little patch of garden that is growing very well since we had an early spring.  I have tomatoes, pole beans, and sweet potatoes growing together with sunflowers for shade.  Most of them are volunteers from last year.  I love low maintenance gardening.

The mobile home still needs some weather protection around the front door and window.  Maybe just more caulk and a drip edge above the door will do it.  I had better plan a Saturday soon for those chores or else it will be 110F before I know it.  I hope to employ my nephew to help me with some improvements on the property next year.  I would love a little porch on the mobile home for shade.  I have pictured it in my head a thousand times but I have never built a porch and it seems like a daunting task.  Maybe with his help I can get it done. 

My projects always outnumber my available weekends and energy.  I still haven't finished the tie-downs for the barn-shed and had the final inspection yet.  Plus, I haven't finished painting.  I have plenty to do and in the meantime I am chipping away at the mortgage so that very soon I will have the time and money to do all of these things I've been dreaming about.


Dave said...

Good to see you chipping away more consistently at the mortgage balance. As for your weather, you need a dose of New York springtime weather with lows around 50 and highs around 65. Still, just reading about your endless list of things to do wears me out!

Anonymous said...

congrats on the mortgage reduction!

Daizy said...

65 sounds like perfect outdoor project weather. This is probably our last weekend before the weather shoots up to the 90's. So many things I didn't do. Oh well, I am paying off the mortgage, not financing my project, right?

Daizy said...

Thanks. Little by little I will make it disappear!