Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Never Enough Time to Relax

Last week , I got to stay at the house while my nephew went to California with his school choir.  This is them performing at Disney's California Adventure.

  It was a nice break for me from the rural life out at the mobile home. No dirt roads, noisy water pumps, unfinished projects.  Just water on tap, laundry facilities in the house, a house that is reasonably OK to look at, landscaping, a full kitchen.  Someday soon my mobile home property will be like that but I need more time and money.

This week we are back out at the property, hauling our drinking water, taking super short showers, trying not to think about all of the things I want to do to this place.  I'm considering taking a half day on Friday to finish emptying the pool, finally, and putting it away. The bungie cords have deteriorated from the sun and the tarp that was covering it is hanging on by a string. If I don't save the last bit of water soon it will just evaporate from these warm temperatures we have been having.  I'd do it on Saturday except we are going to the Renaissance Fair for another school assignment.  I can't wait for school to get out.  I'm so tired of being homework monitor.

Anyway, I seem to be just complaining but really things are going as planned.  This is just the long stretch in the middle if the semester. Almost to spring break and then another 9 weeks until the end. We can do this!


squire said...

Is he in the 10th grade?

Daizy said...

11th and trying to grow a mustache. :)

Daizy said...
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Anonymous said...

what a great experience to have performed at DisneyLand.

Hang in there Daizy

Daizy said...

Yes, I was surprised that more of the boys did not go on the trip but maybe they had other commitments.