Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Day in My Life

I took Thursday off of work and I thought I would show you how my day went.

The main plan: Take down the pool! First step, pump the remaining water out.

I used the long extension cord from the mobile home to the pool since I have not added the right outlet down by the pool.

Next, I need the water pump which is in the shed. While in the shed, I notice light coming in from the corner. There is an inch wide gap that shouldn't be there.

Mental note to get ladder and steel wool since I don't plan to replace the wood at this time.

Notice tree that my co-workers bought in remembrance of my father.  Give it some water and admire the spring leaves which mean I haven't killed the tree, yet.

Go look for ladder in the barn-shed. Remember that I was going to cover that window. See sheer curtain that my mother left behind but don't have any screws for a curtain rod.

Go in the storage room to find screws
 Notice that the cat area needs more food and water. Let the dogs help clean up the stray cat kibbles, fill containers and find screws.

Back in the barn-shed, put up the sheer curtain although you probably can't tell the difference.

Wonder why I can't find the ladder and then remember that it is on the barn-shed porch, not in the barn-shed.

Use steel wool to plug the hole, then cover with plastic from a water jug and plenty of caulk. Also used Gorilla glue to glue down the loose shingles which may have been the way the water got in and warped the board. Added "fix shed corner" to my mental to-do list for someday.

Check on pool which has been slowly draining this whole time.

Ran out of room in the water tank which feeds the kitchen and my bathroom. Decided it was time to clean out the extra tank. Ick.

 Mopped out most of the dirty water but since the water going in wasn't clean, didn't spend that much time on it.

Was able to save around 80 gallons to water the trees later on.

Started dismantling the pool but soon realized that the pool cover was fused to the metal bars which make up the top frame. Since I won't be able to fold up the pool liner as compactly as I had planned, I decided to see if anyone I know wants my pool. No takers yet.

So, the pool is in pieces but still out on the concrete slab until I either put it in my shed or find it a new home. When I need water storage again I am going to buy some of those square tanks in the metal cages that have been recycled.

Next chore to tackle, the barn-shed tie downs. After many frustrating attempts at crimping these ferrules, I went inside and looked up a YouTube video for instructions.

Turns out I was not opening the crimping tool wide enough. Unfortunately, when opened that wide, it was impossible to get the necessary leverage while under the barn-shed to adequately crimp these things.

I gave up after one pitiful attempt. I added a bolt type cable attachment to help my first try. I have since decided to try crimping a loop on to each end of the cable out in the open where I will have plenty of room to work, running the cable from one anchor all the way across to the other anchor, then attaching with detachable metal clips which I haven't bought yet.  Tie-down saga to be continued...

So, that was my day. It was very typical for me to get distracted by other chores that need attention and de-railed by plans that don't work out and/or need more supplies.  All in all, it was a good day.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Constant distractions, I know how that feels!
Might the dog rescue place want the pool for some furry friends?

Daizy said...

The rescue is made up of individual foster homes but so far no takers. I saw one foster home with a similar dog pool. They built an awesome deck and ramp for the dogs to get in and out.

Kim said...

Interesting post. I love the look into a normal day. I also have a weird fascination when food bloggers show what's in their fridge, or their groceries. Have a great Sunday!

Dave said...

When you retire, hopefully soon, you will be able to spread out these tasks and not have to cram them into a precious day off or a weekend. And posts like this one will become a commonplace but with getting more done. :)

And.....very gradually, you are showing us small parts of what you look like. First it was your feet (inside footwear), now your fingers. You are such a tease! :p

Daizy said...

My neighbor wanted it. I hope be uses it and doesn't let it rot but it's not my problem now.

Daizy said...

I'm glad you liked it. I was trying to capture the challenges of setting goals and then getting sidetracked by so many things that beg for attention. At least I got most of my to-do list done for the day. It helps that I only had 2 things on my list.

Daizy said...

Yes, I can't wait to get more done, and permanently done, not this bandaid approach. My fingers certainly appreciated going back to my desk job on Friday. I should have worn gloves but then you wouldn't have even seen my fingers!