Monday, November 30, 2015

Mortgage Update for November

Last day of November!  I got this mortgage update posted just in time.  I managed to add another $1,200 to the principle which brings the total down to $41,391.  At this rate it will take me 2 years and 4 months to pay it off.  That is much too long.  As soon as my nephew goes off to college or where ever he plans to go in a year and a half when he is 18, I won't be able to hold back my plan to sell my house any longer.  Of course, I will need to do some major downsizing which will take time.

2 1/2 weeks until winter break.  My nephew is going to visit his relatives out of state and I am super excited to have 2 weeks off from being homework monitor, chauffeur, cook, and all-around responsible adult.  I don't have any projects planned at the moment but there are plenty of things that need attention.

fix plumbing in my shower
finally finish counter top next to sink
cover outdoor water pipes
hang gutter
trim door and window outside
finish indoor trim and touch up paint
skirting for barn-shed and extend fence
work on snake-proofing fence

I still have to go to my job so probably only one or two of those things will get done.  I want to save my vacation days for later in the year just in case I need to travel to visit family now that my parents aren't living close by.  So much has changed since last year at this time.  Dad is gone, Mom moved away, nephew is back with me.  I was expecting a rather uneventful year but it didn't cooperate. I hope next year is a little more predictable.


Michelle H. said...

It will be nice to have a break! Enjoy!

Dave said...

Daizy, one word: PAR-TAY! :) (Are we invited?)

Daizy said...

Michelle H, I definitely will. I hope the next 3 semesters are easier. This one was very challenging but I think we have a system down now.

Daizy said...

Dave, well, I still have to work so it won't be a party everyday. Maybe a barn-shed finishing party. Now that would be fun.