Friday, September 4, 2015

Quick Update

I made it to my 3 day weekend!  I am so happy.  Every week seems to start out with potential and then something bad happens.  This week's challenge was automotive.  The low oil light on my car flashed on and off a couple of times.  I took it in and the mechanic gave me a laundry list of things that needed attention.  Another motor mount (so that's why the car was shaking), couple of oil leaks, a new radiator cap (I wonder why the "new" one I got in January failed so soon?).  There goes my extra money for September and it is only the 4th.  When my new tenant moves in and I get my first rent check (Oct., I hope) I want to go back to paying down the mortgage if possible.

So, I was driving my mother's car and the check engine light goes on.  I think I am bad luck for cars.  The estimate is $275 for some sort of smog system valve and a new gas cap.  They have to order the valve so I told them I would let them know when I could bring the car back.  It 's not easy to get away from work and I have been getting in late or leaving early a lot lately.

Right now I have 3 houses and 3 vehicles and it is too much.  Too much money and too much time.  The rental house maintenance manager sent me an email with the repair estimate while the rental house is between tenants.  One of the items was landscaping.  Immediately, I thought, "I could do that and save myself some money."  After further thought though, I realized that I did not want to spend my Saturday pulling weeds and pruning trees in 105 degrees.  I have plenty of other things to do at my  other houses.  It's ok to out-source some things.

Traveling between my house and my mobile home is working ok so far.  My nephew rides the bus to school and back and if he needs to stay after school, they have tutoring or the library open until I can pick him up after work.  I am still encouraging him to try riding his bike when the weather is cooler.  I hope he tries it.  There is a great sense of freedom from having ones own mode of transportation.  I may even buy myself a bike...we will see.

Tomorrow I plan to work on the mobile home some more.  A big rain storm came through yesterday and it still leaks around the new door.  I need some sort of cover or at least a drip edge above the door.  I would love a full porch.  Dare to dream. Someday, maybe after I consolidate my homes and cars so that I can focus on one of them.

Latest Mom news:  Mom's hip has healed enough for her to be able to fly.  My sister is going out to Florida tomorrow and getting her on a plane on Sunday.  They are going to Spokane where my other sister lives and Mom will finish her physical therapy.  After that, it all depends on Mom's cognitive abilities.  I hope she will be able to come back to Arizona but as of right now she wouldn't be able to live alone.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Maybe sell all the vehicles and start over? or maybe its time for a bike? maybe not in Arizona I guess.
Is the rental income from the house/s going to be part if your pension or can you really consolidate.
So glad about mum, even though it sounds like it wont be smooth going

Dave said...

Looks like your cars and houses are turning into money least one house is generating revenue like it's supposed to.

Good news about your mom. At least your siblings aren't overburdening you with her care in the near-term.

Daizy said...

I have consolidating in my plans but not yet. When the nephew gets launched then I hope to sell it all, well, almost all. Maybe I'll get an electric bike.

Daizy said...

Dave, one house will be making money...soon, I hope. All the siblings are taking turns. I hope mom can come back here. I didn't even add her townhouse to my list of homes. I'm just checking in on it for now. If we need to sell I will have to clean it out.