Friday, September 25, 2015

Made it to Fall Break

Sorry, I seem to be getting behind in my blogging.  This was the last week of the first quarter and I was determined to make my nephew get all of his work in.  Last Friday, we packed up the dogs and drove to the house, unloaded, then went to a dinner theater to see a spoof on Harry Potter.  My nephew has to see a show and write a 2 page paper for his choir class each quarter.  It was a fun show and the pizza and ice cream was good but after working all week, 2 hours at the theater was the last thing I wanted to be doing.  We survived and checked that off the list.

View from the balcony.
The rest of the weekend I made sure he worked on his homework and I took a nap.  On Sunday I made him go bowling with the church youth group.  He was reluctant to go but I told him it was either bowling with other kids or running errands with me.  I dropped him off and said he could text me to pick him up in an hour and a half if he was miserable.  First, I went to Home Depot to pick up the water heater that I ordered and look around for a few other things that I can't even remember at the moment.  I spent too much time browsing.  I stopped at Big Lots next to use my 20% off coupon on paper towels and dog treats.  It had been almost 2 hours since I dropped him off but I needed to go to the grocery store and then I would have to take the groceries home to put the milk in the fridge.  I sent him a text to see if he was ready to be picked up but he didn't reply so I bought groceries and went home.  Just as I finished unloading he sent a message that I could pick him up with a smiley face.  I wasn't sure what the smiley face meant but when I got there he was talking and laughing with a group of kids so I guess it wasn't as awful as he expected.

After that we had 2 hours before it was time to pack up the car and head back out the the mobile home for another week.  I heard that the weather was turning stormy on Monday so I added a rubber weatherstrip to the bottom of my door because I thought that was where the rain was getting in.  I was wrong.  I still don't know but next week I am going to rip off the interior paneling around the door and look for light.  This is a huge problem and I must find the solution.  But anyway, I must back up.  I have been fighting with the tuxedo shop, Tuxedo Online, because I exchanged my nephew's choir outfit and they hadn't shipped the replacement.  After staying on hold for 45 minutes last week, the woman promised they would send it out last Tuesday.  After parent-teacher conferences (oh ya, I went to that too) on Thursday, I got a phone call from the tuxedo shop saying they didn't have the size shoe that I ordered.  I told them to send the closest size and asked when the package would arrive.  They said Monday and I said I needed it Monday so I had them ship overnight.  So, on Friday when we got to the house the package was waiting for us.  I was relieved until I opened it and immediately knew that the vest was not supposed to be a solid color.  The choir teacher had mentioned that some parents said that the vest were backordered.  Did they think I wouldn't notice that they sent the wrong vest?  On Monday he dressed up in his outfit and we marched up to the choir teacher and asked if he had any extra vests left.  Luckily, he did.  It was a little big but at least it was the right pattern.  I went home to clean up the water that had leaked in around the door and under the vinyl flooring and then went back for the performance which was very good and not too long.  Choir is a popular elective at their school.  They have 5 different choir groups and each one sang 3 songs.

Whew, so that was over but we still don't have the right vest of our own.  I sent back the solid vest and now I'm waiting.  The next choir performance is at the end of October.  Hopefully, the vest arrives before then.  Oh, and the shirt sleeves were too short and the shoes too big but those problems are easier to fix than the back-ordered vest.

The rest of the week I made sure he worked on his paper for choir, made up any late work, and tied up all loose ends.  He has the next 2 weeks off for fall break while the teachers get caught up on their grading.  I will try to over-ride my natural tendency to relax and try to get some projects done that will make things easier next quarter.  The list is long.  Maybe I can do the top 3.


Dave said...

Busy busy busy as usual but I was glad to read you took in a nap. Probably the best snooze you had all week!

Michelle H. said...

Our daughters were in band, so I can understand about not having the right size, right shoes, etc. It's good for them though and we look back on those days with fond memories. You're making a difference in his life - keep up the good work!
Michelle from Texas

Daizy said...

Dave, so many projects going on in my head. I hope I get some of them completed in the next couple of weeks.

Daizy said...

Thanks, Michelle H. He asked me what to do about the shoes slipping and I said 2 pairs of socks. It worked and his feet will probably grow anyway.

Michelle H. said...

So true! Boys that age grow fast!😊