Monday, September 28, 2015

Good News from the Rental House

It's time for some good news.  My house is rented!  They signed a year lease, moved in today and paid their rent.  I should be getting my money direct deposited in to my account around the 12th of October.  Maybe I can get back on track paying down my mortgage again.  That is, unless my mother wants me to start paying her back for the barn-shed.  I paid all of my property tax last week (around $3K) so my savings should be at it's lowest amount but there are no big bills needing to be paid.  I can re-balance my mortgage spreadsheet and focus on my goals again.  I miss my monthly mortgage updates.

Last weekend was nice and relaxing after I dropped my nephew at the airport and picked up a few thing at my mom's townhouse to ship to her.  I stayed at home and did the usual laundry, sweeping, weeding, and cooking.  I think I will take Friday off to work on my mobile home even though it will be 102 or something awful like that.  Next week will be low 90's so they say.  They better not change their minds because I have been saving up a lot of digging for the cool weather if we ever get some.



Dave said...

Very glad to hear the news, Daizy. I have often commented about how erratic your rental income has been lately so it is good to see this income source returning. Looking forward to the mortgage update table showing some nice countdowns again.

We are having some very nice weather here in NY, finally. high temps in the mid-70s and lows in the low 60s, so we don't need to use our heating or A/C at home which is great for the electric bill. :)

Daizy said...

Yes, Dave, I hope they are long and good tenants. I'm so glad I have people in the house so that it won't be vandalized like before. 100 here today. I'm really looking forward to 80's next week.