Monday, June 15, 2015

Temps Go Up and Work Slows Down

I barely got any work done on Saturday.  In the morning, I went to the office for a couple of hours to catch up and because I knew I was going to be registering my nephew for school Monday morning instead of working.  It was 3 before I actually got out there and it was 100 degrees already.  It was a good test of the window A/C.  The indoor temperature was comfortable within 30 minutes.  My niece went to a CPR-first aid class in the morning and she didn't make it out there until 3:30.  We didn't do much.  We tried texturing one wall with drywall mud.  Neither of us had done it before and it was kind of fun athough the mud was thin and lumpy because it was old and I added too much water.  I cut one more skirting panel but I didn't screw it in.  It was just too hot to be outside.  We also attached one more fence panel.  We both decided than we should spend the night out there on the weekend so that we can get up early and work before it is hot.  The flooring and the fence would need to be finished first though.  Next weekend I hope to get at least one piece of vinyl flooring and maybe even two pieces.

On Sunday, my niece and I went to visit her aunt and uncle who live nearby.  They have lived here for 6 years but I have never met them.  It is nice to meet more friendly people even though they aren't technically my family.

This morning I meant to get up early and go to work but I hit snooze.  I tried to log on to answer work emails but I needed to do a full computer scan and that takes hours.  My appointment at the high school was at 9.  Everything went smoothly and the people seemed friendly.  We will go back on the 16th of July to register for classes.  I really hope my nephew likes it there.  They have golf and choir, two things he excelled at at his previouse school.  The first day of school is starting soon.  I need to make more of an effort to wrap things up at the mobile home and make it look comfortable.  It still looks pretty rough.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

The same problem we have in Crete although we are by the sea so at least we have wind. We are lucky though that since Fahed changed his job we can go in the cooler season, you dont have such luxury. You are getting there though, if you are even considering living out there then must be big progress.

Daizy said...

It is so close to being livable! Once the flooring goes in the fun part starts, making it comfortable!