Friday, June 12, 2015

More Work Ahead

It was a long week.  I tried to post something Wednesday but my thoughts just wouldn't stick with a theme.  My niece hasn't been able to find another job so I have been thinking of odd jobs for her to do.  It's fun to have a personal assistant.  She went grocery shopping for me, swept and mopped the floor, picked up after the dogs, vacuumed my car, bought stepping stones for the yard, listed some books for sale on Amazon, etc....  This evening we picked up another load of fence panels and unloaded them at my property.  That is one less chore off the list.  We still need to haul a few rolls of vinyl flooring and then we will be done with the big stuff...except if I buy a used fridge, um, and a couch.

At work today I wasted a lot of time on a project before I got on the right path.  I feel like I should go in to the office for an hour or two to catch up tomorrow.  On Monday I have to leave work at 9am to register my nephew for high school so it really is a fair trade, I just have to get motivated and do it.  Then I will go out to my property and work on something, possibly skirting, fencing, or plumbing at 15 minute intervals and then go stand in front of the A/C for another 15 minutes.  I bought the plumbing pieces and I also bought some spray paint to spruce up the outside of the mobile home.  Maybe a nice mural?  I'll leave that for my niece to work on while I work on important stuff like running water.


Dobermom said...

I wish I could borrow your niece. Sounds like the perfect job for her, helping you out.

Daizy said...

I wish I had more time off so I could work with her. We could get so much more done.