Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Have Refrigeration

I can't believe I didn't take any photos this weekend.  Well, you will just have to take my word for it that things actually got done.  On Friday, my mother called and said she found a fridge for me at her local thrift store.  Her thrift store is 45 minutes away but I couldn't turn it down especially when she offered to pay for it.  My niece had choir practice on Saturday morning so I took my truck by myself and picked it up.  Since I was there, I went inside and found $10 kitchen cabinets.  They are old and some day I will refinish them but they will work for now.  I bought 2 base cabinets and one over the fridge cabinet which is not going over the fridge because I can never reach that cabinet.  It will go lower on the wall so that it is within easy reach and I can use the top as a shelf.  I also found an $18 desk and a $5 chair for my nephew.  The back of my truck was already full of fridge so I have to send my niece there on Tuesday to pick them up.

After the shopping, my mother and I went to my mobile home and managed to get the fridge unloaded by ourselves just by tilting and sliding it.  It was blazing hot so I went home but my mother stayed to hang curtains.  Around 4 my niece and I went to Home Depot to buy vinyl flooring.  I located the manager and everything was going well until....they didn't have enough vinyl on the roll.  Ugh.  I decided to buy a different pattern for my nephew's room so that we could get something done.  The manager gave us a discount for the vinyl that we bought last week which was 3" short and said she would call when they got a new roll of the pattern for the living room which should be tomorrow or Tuesday.  I can't believe we have to go back.  Oh well, it will be finished soon.

We stopped to pick up dinner and ate it at my almost livable mobile home.  The clutter is driving me crazy.  I need to put all of the tools away and the paint and dispose of all of the used paint brushes and rollers that have dried up. I plugged in the fridge and found out that the closest outlet doesn't work because the handyman cut it when installing the door.  I wonder what he did with the wires.  Luckily, there is another close outlet and the fridge was cold right away.  It is wonderful to have a fridge.  I can't put it against the wall yet since I haven't finished the trim.  After we ate, it was getting dark but I went outside to cut down the spiny bushes near the phone pedestal.  I need to call Century Link tomorrow because they were suppose to turn on the internet on Friday but it doesn't work.  I am pretty sure the old wires in the pedestal are the problem.  Then we cut the vinyl for the hallway and fit the new piece for the bedroom.  I only trimmed one side because we were both really tired and it was after 8pm.  So, that's all that I got done.  1/4th of what I wanted to do, as usual, but more done on the kitchen than I expected.

My nephew arrives on Wednesday and I have Friday off of work.  It should be an interesting week.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

wow, exciting stuff. I need photos!

Daizy said...

Everything is better with photos! I added some today. :)