Sunday, May 3, 2015

In With the New

Same old story.  The weekend flew by and I can't believe tomorrow is Monday.  We didn't get a lot done because, first, I needed to sleep in.  That might have been one of the reasons that the weekend disappeared so quickly.   Next, my niece and I went to Home Depot to buy paneling for the ceiling and styrofoam for a secret project that I will tell you about next weekend.  We got out to the property at noon and had lunch.  My niece finished ripping up the vinyl sheet and tiles and all of the nails.  I worked on caulking around the tub, getting the vanity out of the box, and putting up one sheet of paneling on the ceiling.  We need one more sheet to cover the hole in the ceiling but I need to cut it first.

The vanity looks great and I am excited and scared to hook it up.  I have to drill a hole in the side for the drain pipe.  It looks so pristine right out of the box.  I don't want to damage it.  Having the new vanity cabinet and faucet make me want to paint the wallpaper or put beadboard and trim halfway up the wall and paint the top half.  Maybe I can fit it in to the schedule.  

I bought the tall bar sink faucet because I might want to wash something in the sink and I like having more room to work.

I still haven't decided on the final plumbing configuration mostly because it involves adding a switch for the water pump and water heater and I haven't done that before.

I unpacked the water heater and found this dent.  I don't think the damage is serious but I will show the photo to the people at Home Depot just in case.  It is terribly heavy and if I take it back I will have to wait a few more weeks for a replacement.  It is a 15 gallon water heater and they are only available on-line.

Next Friday I will take a half day off again and we will wash the living room floor with bleach, patch the holes, and paint it along with the walls.  We also have Mother's Day on Sunday and my birthday on Monday which I am taking off to work on my property (of course).  I never would have guessed that I would be renovating a mobile home for my 43rd birthday.  It's not a bad thing though.  I like a challenge.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

All going very well but I need to know the secret project!!!

Daizy said...

Hehe...I don't want to jinx it because everything seems to go wrong and take twice as long as I plan.