Monday, March 16, 2015

Plan and Re-Plan

Saturday turned out to be not as productive as I had hoped.  The HVAC guy (who is also my handyman) came over early to shut down the furnace and start up the evaporative cooler.  While he was doing that I took my truck battery over to the auto parts store.  They couldn't test it because it was so depleted so they said they would charge it for 10 minutes and try again.  I was pretty sure it was very dead but I said ok and headed over to the library to pick up my free seeds.  Back at the auto parts store they said the battery had 17 minutes left to charge (hmm...first 10 and now 17?).  I browsed the store and found an inexpensive seat cushion and some cut-to-fit carpet so that I can make my own dash cover.  They let me take the seat cushion out to the car to try it out before I bought it and it was so much better than the plain seat.  As I was perusing the windshield wipers, they finally told me that my battery was truly dead.  At the checkout the manager rang up the battery and my other impulse purchases and the total only came to $100 because he said the battery still had a prorated warranty or something like that.  I was happily surprised and didn't ask for details.  Back at home, the battery went in the my truck started up, yay!  I was ready to head to Home Depot but my handyman didn't realize that I wanted him to do the cooler start up AND work on my mobile home.  He hadn't brought the right tools or his truck so I paid him and we made plans to meet at Home Depot on Tuesday.  

Not wanting to lose out on a Saturday, I called my friend who had offered to give me 50' of chain link and told her I could pick it up.  Since she lives near my mother, I stopped by to have lunch and visit.  On Sunday, I brought the chain link to the property and cleaned up some of the debris from the door installation.  I took down the curtains that haven't been washed in years and took some measurements.  Then it was back home to play with the dogs, plant a few seeds, and catch up on laundry.

Today I finished my site plan since I was able to locate the telephone pedestal on the edge of the property.  I was very apprehensive about submitting the paperwork for the permit but I went ahead and did it.  Now I will just wait for them to tell me if I did it correctly.  One good thing was that I read that simple permits should only take 5 days as opposed to the 20 that I thought they took.  I might have my permit by next week!  Then it will be full steam ahead to get the area level, add blocks or whatever I am going to do under the barn/workshop, and get it delivered!  Oh, and the neighbors fixed giant hole in the road for me so now I only need to cut back some of the branches so that they don't scratch my new building on the way in.  Things are coming together which is a good thing because I got another frustrated call from my nephew's grandfather today.  I told him he could send my nephew back at any time.  I can put him to work fixing up his own room.  I'm sure my nephew will be thrilled with my suggestion.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

To me that seems quite big enough for a house. Its looking good so far. Good luck getting nephew on board!

Daizy said...

It will be plenty of space if I use it wisely. It will be interesting to see what nephew thinks. I'm hoping he will help me with some of the renovations although, by the time he gets here it will probably be 110F degrees.

Dobermom said...

Sounds like everything is falling into place.

Unknown said...

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