Friday, March 13, 2015

Busy Weekend Ahead

The week is over and I am ready for a nice relaxing weekend.  But, wait!  Tomorrow at 9 I scheduled my furnace to be shut down and my evaporative cooler to be started up.  It's been in the 80's which is abnormal for March so I just know as soon as the furnace gets shut off we will get a few more weeks of cold but I will have to survive with my space heaters.  Then I need to get a new battery for the truck, meet the handyman at Home Depot for more supplies, meet my mother out at my property to show her my "vision".  I hope she has a good imagination because there really isn't much to see other than my new door.

It kind of looks like a door to nowhere.  I love my new door and I will love it even more when it has steps.  The handyman will continue replacing the metal skirting with the grey Hardi-backer board.  It isn't a common skirting material but I think it will work well for my needs and I can paint it.  I will be working on prying off the old vinyl tiles so that the floor can be covered in plywood.  I plan to sand it and polyurethane it and that is all.  At least it will be better than the pressboard that swelled up when wet or the sheet vinyl that ripped.

I met with the excavator yesterday.  We discussed how to get my big shed on to the property since both access roads have issues.  The woman who owns the shed business happens to be a close neighbor so she is going to check out both roads and tell me which one has the least amount of problems.  I think flying it in by helicopter would work.  Do you suppose I could hire one of those military helicopters for a few hours?

I also met with 2 concrete guys today.  I'm not sure if they will give me quotes for a slab or not.  I think they correctly surmised that my budget is too small for what they would charge.  I expect them to be in the $5k range or more.

In the meantime, I am trying to get all my work done so that I don't get fired from my job.  People start to grumble when they can't reach me at my desk.  I'm trying to save my vacation days for important stuff like when the excavator is there and when the shed is delivered.  I am still working on the site plan so I can submit my paperwork for the permit.  I called Blue Stake today which tells the utilities to come out and mark where their lines are on my property.  I need to add those to my drawing.  That should be done by Tuesday and then I can submit my paperwork and it will be rejected of course because I'm still not sure what is needed for the grading plan but I am hoping they will help me with it.

To end with some good news, the city called today and said that they approved my claim for the tire damage.  Actually, they said they would pay for one tire and since the wheel was bent, they will pay for that too even though I didn't have it replaced.  They estimated that a wheel would cost as much as a tire so they will pay my whole bill of $159.  That is great but I wish I hadn't ran over that pothole in the first place!


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Oh gosh. So much happening. Am I more excited than you? Possibly! So now the idea is renovated mobile home and big shed/house equals a whole house? You and handyman could maybe hire a concrete mixer and make the base or actually that is probably a step too far!

Daizy said...

I am excited but I see my money running out really fast. Mobile + shed = whole house, yes. Together they equal 1224 sqft which is an average 2 or small 3 bedroom house. my current house is 1700 sqft although I only really use half of it. I am leaning towards putting the shed on blocks. Maybe covering the dirt underneath with chicken wire and concrete. I want to deter digging rats and squirrels.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...
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