Monday, June 2, 2014

Cholla Monster

The dogs woke me up at 5:30 am on Saturday so I decided to go out and tackle some weeds.  I worked from 6 to 8 and made some progress but the trash cans were full and it was getting hot so I quit.  I don't think anyone is going to complain about my weeds because most of the neighbors haven't cut theirs either.

I was able to find a place that can help me with my weed problem.  It is called the Primavera Foundation and they help people find work as day labor for such things as landscaping, moving, and restaurant work.  I can hire 2 people plus a supervisor for 2 hours for $260 including hauling the trash away.  That is much better than $600 (assuming the job can be done in 2 hours).  Or $13.25/hour per person.  I'm not really sure how that works.  I'll have to call them and find out which way is best for this particular job.

This cholla, prickly pear, desert broom tangle is what finally made me quit, well, that and the heat.  The other guy that I called for a quote called me back and said that he doesn't clear weeds anymore.  He does tree trimming and landscape design.  He asked what kind of weeds just out of curiosity and when I said cholla and grass he said, nooo cholla!  Ya, I'm not too fond of cholla myself.

So, my new plan is to wait until July or later and then hire some day laborers to clear it out.  I would hire them now but I would feel bad if they died from the heat while working in my alley.

Speaking of heat, I have been giving my plants and garden extra water and they look great but my water bill has tripled.  I found out that the water company has a rebate program for people who install gutters and rainwater collection tanks.  Supposedly, they pay for half.  I'm seriously thinking about getting gutters and rain barrels.  I know I'm not planning to live in this house forever but it might still be worth it with a rebate and a lower water bill.  It is on the list, but not for June.  June is full already and it is too hot to do anything extra.


Anonymous said...

In Texas (when the wind is down) we use acetylen torches to burn the spines off - then turn the cows and goats loose on the de-spined cacti. They graze them right down to the ground!

It's enviromentally friendly, the livestock love it, and the heat is not a problem.

Maybe you and your neighbors could go in on renting some goats. Not kidding (and no pun intended!)


Daizy said...

Goats would have fun back there, well, except for the cholla. That could be a problem. I would love to burn cholla. I have seen scorched desert with cholla still standing though. I wonder if anything kills it.