Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Repairman Hooky

I was playing hooky from work today while waiting for the swamp cooler repairman.  It was making a very loud and annoying noise and it dawned on me that it was making that noise last year too.  I couldn't stand the thought of living with it for the next 5 months so I called the guy even though I knew it was going to cost me.  There are some things, like climbing on the roof on a hot day and poking around in the swamp cooler, that I will pay someone else to do.  I don't even have a steep roof.  It's almost flat.  If I was living out at my property and on a limited budget and not working, then I would try it myself.  But for now, calling a repairman is a luxury that I enjoy.

Yesterday, I told my boss that I was going to be late in the morning and he said fine.  I made an attempt to "work from home" like some of my co-workers do and I contacted the IT department to help me hook up my home computer.  I did it once before, like 5 years ago, but they changed things and tightened security.  It took around 2 hours to go through all the steps and downloads but in the end I got connected and I even answered a few emails so I think that counts as working.

The repairman spend around 15 minutes on the roof and fixed the problem, a loose housing hitting against something else.  $79 for the service call and all is well again and I can sleep in peace without that noise.  If I had been smart, I would have made a note of the noise last season so that the repairman could have fixed it during the usual bi-yearly service call.  Oh well, not everything works out in the most efficient manner all of the time.  After fixing the problem, I had a nice chat with the repairman about alternative housing, mobile homes, shipping containers, sheds, and building one's own home.  I'm hoping that I can hire him to help me create my living quarters out at my property, whatever those will be.  That's still at least 3 years away.    

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