Monday, May 5, 2014

More Tomatoes and Eggs

Lunch today was, you guessed it, quail eggs and cherry tomatoes!  The picture would have been more colorful but I only had iceberg lettuce and ranch dressing.  White lettuce, white dressing, white boiled quail eggs.  If it wasn't for the tomatoes, it would be a very boring picture indeed.  It was quite delicious though.  I don't really like hard boiled eggs because I don't like the egg white but these little eggs were just the right size and, strangely, added a little sweetness to the salad.

Yesterday I blew out 10 eggs which really hurt my ear drums.  Maybe that is why I have a headache today.  If I ever need to do this for a craft or something, I will buy an air compressor to be my lungs.  I put them in a sundae cup and they are on display on my kitchen window shelf.  I don't really like them there.  They would look better on a table.  I'll find a better way to display them.  I just have to think about it some more.

One other thing I did over the weekend, I hung this fabric shower curtain over the sliding door in my bedroom.  I have had this curtain in storage for years from when my rental house was furnished.  It is short but that's ok because the dogs won't rub against it.  I only need it for the Summer to help block the setting sun and to make it darker on the weekends when I get to sleep in.  If it is dark the dogs won't wake me up at 5:30am on Saturday morning.

I put up more shade in the garden too.  My jasmine shrub always gets sunburned and I am determined to avoid that this year.  Right now I have half of a  bed sheet shading the shrub but that is not good when it is windy like it is every other day here.  I'll keep thinking and maybe I can come up with a solution from the things I have around here.  Maybe I could weave a shade out of plastic shopping bags or sew together those net bags that oranges come in (except I only have one of those).  I should have planted sunflowers like I did last year.  They were great for shade.  I thought they would re-seed themselves but no luck.

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