Friday, April 11, 2014

Too Hot for April

It is hot. April is too soon to be complaining about the heat but mid-90's are too hot.  I didn't get my swamp cooler started up yet so I have to wait with all the other no-A/C people until the HVAC service people are available.  I tried looking up "how to get your evaporative cooler started for Summer" but then I realized that my tall ladder is out at my property and I don't want to go out there this weekend.  I'll just turn the ceiling fan on high and partake of some nice cool drinks while I wait.  You know, ceiling fan + humidifier = my own private evaporative cooler!  I also have a portable evap. cooler in the shed.  I could clean it up and see if it still works.

Other than trying to stay cool, my weekend is pretty open.  Here are the top 3 projects that I could do:

-Paint the master bathroom (just primer)
-Continue setting up the 4'x4' quail habitat.
-Figure out what to use for a kitchen curtain.

I really should paint the bathroom to get it off my list.  I have to look at it many times a day and it keeps popping up in my mind and saying "paint me!".

It will probably be too hot to work on the quail cage because I plan to sleep in and by the time I get up it will be hot.

I found a new idea for the kitchen window.  It involves a plant shelf and power tools.  It would be great to complete this project also because, like the bathroom, I look at it multiple times a day and it distracts me because it is unfinished.

So those are my plans as well as the usual laundry, sweeping, cooking, and hanging out with the dogs.  I love relaxing weekends!


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Go on, just paint it. You know you want to. Plus you can keep a bathroom cooler than going outside.

I had a plant shelf half way up the window in our old house. was really nice but you have to keep the plants alive to look good, which is where i failed :)

Educ8r said...

I agree it is too damn hot too soon. The other day my car read 103. What the heck! Anyway, I feel ya on projects. I have been packing for my move and I keep telling myself I will get to the garage. Ha. Hasn't happened yet. But, I am almost done on the inside. What color are you thinking of painting your bathroom?

Daizy said...

Well, Lizzie, I figure if I have a shelf for the plants then I will see them and remember to water them...maybe. Right now they are on the windowsill behind the curtain so I sometimes forget about them.

Daizy said...

Hi Karin, good luck on your garage. I have a guest room full of boxes that I actively ignore. I haven't decided on the final bathroom color. It is a mess of styles and colors. Burgundy and grey shower tile, gold shower door trim, grey-blue corion countertop, antique brass faucet, beige floor tile. The walls were faux painted in beige with a swishy blue pattern. I hope that getting rid of that paint with primer will help me decide on a color because I really don't want to rip out the vanity and shower although I probably should.