Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Post Office Hunt and Summer Flights

When my nephew was here for Christmas break he left his phone charger behind.  This wasn't a big problem because he only uses his phone when he travels so the next time he would need it was when he comes here for the Summer.  Summer is coming fast so I put the charger in a padded envelope and searched for the nearest post office.  I know there is one a few miles from my work but I have been faithfully walking at lunch and didn't want to go.  I wanted to go after work.  That post office was not on my way home but I located one that was close to my route.  I drove there yesterday and didn't see a post office so that was a waste of time.  

Today I looked up the address again and used Google maps to zoom in on the satellite photo.  As I suspected, the post office is inside the Chevron gas station that I drove by.  I've never seen a post office in a gas station.  Anyway, after work I stopped in and their postage machine was down.  Well, now I know where the post office is but that didn't help me mail my package.  Out of desperation I stopped at the UPS store and thought I would try shipping it UPS.  Turns out that the UPS store also does regular mail.  I had no idea.  Or maybe I forgot.  It was a good thing they did mail too because the clerk said it would have cost around $12 to mail my little envelope with UPS.  I paid $3.00 and crossed that little chore off my list.  Next time I need to mail something I need to remember that the UPS store can do it and they are only a mile from my home.  So convenient!

In other nephew news, I thought I was going to be able to skip the drive to Phoenix this year because I found a Southwest flight that had one stop but didn't change planes.  I figured a 14 year old could handle that by himself.  After I bought the ticket, Southwest changed the flight so that it does change planes.  Oops.  I called them and after being put on hold a really long time, I was able to change the flight to Phoenix which is a direct flight.  I was happy until they sent me an updated itinerary.  The price was the same.  One of the reasons that I like Southwest so much is that they don't charge a change fee and they give you credit for the difference in plane fare if there is one.  The Phoenix flight was $80 cheaper than the Tucson flight.  Normally, changing destinations is not allowed.  I think I would have had to cancel one ticket and bought a new one but it was Southwest who changed their flight so I thought I had a good argument.  I sent my explanation and question to Southwest customer service and waited.  The next day I had a response and they gave me an $80 credit which I have to use by March of next year.  That is fine because I am sure that I will be buying my nephew another ticket for Christmas break.  

I am very glad that I paid attention to the ticket price and asked for the credit.  It almost makes having to drive to Phoenix worth it.  Well, maybe not, but it makes it a little better.  One of these years my nephew will feel confident enough to change planes.  Maybe I should pay him the amount I would pay in gas to Phoenix as an incentive to try.  I'm willing to wait until he's 16 though. 


Dave said...

Changing planes is a crapshoot. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is a PITA. It depends a lot on the airport you are changing planes in and the airline you are using.

I did not change planes at an airport for the first time until I was 16. It was an unfamiliar airport (Orlando, back in the late 1970s). It was an unexpected thing because my original flight from Miami to NY was canceled at the last minute when I got to the airport. I barely had time to get to the Orlando flight which they held for me but I got home okay.

Good for you for spotting the fare change and getting a credit for future travel.

Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

He is would have been cheaper and quicker to buy a new charger on eBay and have it delivered from China. Madly!
He is going to be grown up before you know it, honestly these years go really quickly.

Daizy said...

Dave, I don't remember how old I was when I changed planes but I must have been in college. I can remember some harrowing experiences with delayed and cancelled flights and running across the airport as they were shutting the door. It is definitely stressful.

Daizy said...

Lizzie, the thought of buying a new charger did occur to me when she said $12 for shipping. It's a very common charger.

Dave said...

LOL Daizy, I was once assigned a non-existent seat on a connecting flight. It was in the stewardess's area, not that I would have minded hanging out with the young cuties for the flight. I did get a real seat and was fine.

Daizy said...

A non-existent seat? Now that is creative. Flying is always an adventure.