Thursday, February 6, 2014

Really Expensive Eggs

I checked the two closest feed stores for 'game bird starter' which is what I am supposed to be feeding my quail.  It has 26% protein and the turkey feed that I bought only has 19%.  Neither store had it so I bought flax seed which someone recommended to add protein.  Maybe this weekend I will get to the feed store that carries the right stuff.

My other problem was light.  Quail are supposed to get 14-16 hours of light a day in order to lay eggs.  I have 2 quail in my store room with the light on so I thought if anyone was going to lay eggs, it would be them.  To my surprise, I found 3 eggs in my outdoor cage which is covered with a blanket and a trash bag to keep out the rain.  I never would have thought that they would be laying now.

Let's see how much money I have spent on those eggs.  The birds were $50, the food and sawdust pellets $35, the wire and stuff to make their cages, probably $50.  That's $135 divided by 5 eggs so far.  Hmm...only $27 per egg!


Anonymous said...

What a bargain! Two summers ago, for a mere $400, I grew two cherry tomatoes and a small cucumber. A raccoon harvested the french melon, so there went another $100.

The only thing I've grown since then is disinterest ;) I wish you and your quail infinitely more success.

Daizy said...

Wow, those are some expensive vegetables! I've done that too. Gardening is supposed to be fun and easy, ya right. If it was that easy farmers would never lose their crops to weather, disease or pests.