Monday, December 2, 2013

Must Resist Temptation!

I love my shed from Phil's Sheds. It is actually a second-hand Phil's shed but I love the construction quality and low cost.  So far, no pack rats have breached the walls or floor.  My 8' x 10' shed cost me $1,200 including delivery.  If I had bought it new it would have cost $3,400 since it has the higher side walls.  I look at the Phil's Shed website every few months to drool and plan.  I envision a 10' x 20' shed on a concrete slab with a toilet hook-up and electricity.  Maybe a second 10' x 20' next to it with a breezeway inbetween.  That would be awesome.  I think I could live in that.  One could be my little cabin and the other my art studio.
I want it!

I clicked on the website today because I have been thinking about my future plans again and I saw the magic words:  CLEARANCE.

Used Price $2,476*
• Used 10×20 Regular style shed
• 8ft Side wall height
• Two 3×3 windows
• 60 Inch wide side door
• Turbine & 2 eave vents
• Shasta white shingles
List Price $4,953
You Save (50%) $2,476

Oh so tempting!  I just need to back away and think of something else.  Think of maintenance, roof leaks, pack rats, rattlesnakes and scorpions.  Think of road erosion, frozen pipes, the brutal UV rays beating down on it and peeling off the paint and drying out weather stripping.  Think of all of the new projects that it would add to my list, putting up gutters and water collection system, adding electrical, plumbing, insulation, drywall.  More weekends doing chores without being free to enjoy the benefits of low cost living because I still have my house and full time job.

No, no, no.  I am sure that Phil's Sheds will have another clearance sale within the next 4 year when I am closer to paying off my mortgage and ready to semi-retire.  I cannot fall in to the trap of buying more projects when I don't have the time to finish them!  The cost of maintenance over the next 4 years might possibly negate any savings from buying it on sale now.  It is nice to know that these sales do happen.  This is the first time that I have stumbled on a sale.  I didn't even know that they had used sheds.  When the time comes and I am ready to buy a shed I will certainly go to their lot and check for any used sheds first.  I'll be ready to pounce the next time an opportunity like this comes along as long as it is in 2017 or later when I have the time tackle a major project like this.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

You are so strong! I am impressed. I would have been straight in there

Daizy said...

It was soooo tempting but I had to think about all of the junk that I need to get rid of before I can move back out there and I convinced myself to wait.