Saturday, December 21, 2013

Last Minute Gift Wild Goose-chases

The first of 5 days off and it, of course, went by too fast.  The dogs let me sleep in until 8:15 without even making me get up to let them out and feed them at 6:30.  After that we had a nice bacon and egg breakfast and then I did some cleaning, played on the computer, and then headed out in search of a cowboy hat.  I tried Ace Hardware, the feed store, Walgreens, the thrift store, Walmart, and CVS.  The hardware store only had straw hats.  The feed store hat boots and saddles but no hats.  I thought I was going to get lucky at the thrift store but they only had a junior-sized hat.  Now I know they sell hats at the Boot Barn but they cost like, $80 and up and the one that I picked out last time didn't work for my dad so I was hoping for a cheaper option.  You would think that more stores in Arizona would sell cowboy hats year-round.  I will keep my eyes open.  Hopefully, he will still like hats when Father's Day comes around.

This means that I don't have a gift for my dad.  I am planning to make him candy but I wanted to get him something else too.  It is hard to shop for someone with dementia.  I have a few more days to think of something.

Have thrift store prices been going up everywhere?  They just opened a new Goodwill near me and they were selling small dog beds for $13.  I went across the street to CVS drug store and they were selling the same size dog beds for $10.  I guess I will start going to the less known thrift stores that might still have bargains.  That new Goodwill is too fancy for me.

After all of the shopping with nothing to show for it, I did some cooking, watched a Christmas movie and wrapped presents.  Just a few more gifts to buy and I will be finished.  It is always a relief to be done.


My Frugal Miser said...

Thrift shop inflation must be happening all over. I thought locally it was happening because our transient population (snowbirds) increased demand but not supply.

There is a Salvation Army and a Goodwill close to me. It's hard to find anything that is noticeably less expensive than what I could get on sale at a store that sells new items.

Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Wow, you cant find a cowboy hat. i imagine it would be hard here but not in Arizona. Amazon all the way for me. Have a lovely break with your family

Daizy said...

My Frugal Miser, I was thinking that too when I was at Old Navy. The sale prices were better than Goodwill's prices. I think the new Goodwill that opened by me is trying to be a fancy, higher end store. That's not going to work. I want bargains, not fanciness.

Daizy said...

Thanks, Lizzie. I found an inexpensive hat at Target last night. Not exactly what I was looking for but it will so for now. Either my dad will like it or he will not care about it and I can take it back. At least I have something to wrap.