Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Truffles, My Last Minute Gift

 Four days of my 5 day vacation have already zoomed by.  It has been great to just relax.  I haven't tackled any projects besides wrapping presents and attempting to make chocolate truffles today.  These are just four ingredients: cream cheese, powdered sugar, melted chocolate chips, and vanilla.  Then roll them in whatever you have handy.  I used nuts, sprinkles, and white chocolate chips.  They taste pretty good.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I'll give these to my dad although he is going to have so much candy he will probably just start filling his pockets.

My sister and nephew spent the night here Sunday night and now they are staying with my mother through Christmas then back to my house for another week and a Harry Potter marathon.  I have to work Thursday and Friday.  It will be boring but I should do some projects that I have been putting off.  And, I can dream of frugal ways to beautify my kitchen.  I asked my sister for decorating advice but after hearing that I didn't want to spend any money, she thought my best bet was to try to get on one of those ugly kitchen remodel shows. haha.  

Merry Christmas and I hope the weather cooperates for everyone who is traveling.  I only have a 45 minute drive and the weather is supposed to be a sunny 68 degrees tomorrow.  No chance of a white Christmas but, then, if I wanted that I wouldn't live here!

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