Monday, November 11, 2013

Slow Going

My to-do list for this week is off to a slow start.  I was planning to take my 3 auto titles to the bank to get notarized for their impending sale but I forgot that today was a holiday so the bank was closed.  I decided to try the next item on my list so I called the tire shop to see if they had the tire I need to replace my RV's shredded spare tire.  They had 2 tires in stock.  I went there at lunch and they asked me if I had the wheel with me.  Oops!  I knew I was forgetting something.  Now I have to go back out to the RV and get the spare tire and wheel off of the back and bring it in so that the new tire can be put on.  I have a dentist appointment tomorrow which is half way to my property so I will probably go out there when I am finished.  Then on Wednesday I will attempt to buy the spare tire again and get the titles notarized again. So far I haven't been able to cross anything off my list.

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