Sunday, July 28, 2013

Party Time

It was my first teen birthday celebration on Saturday.  We took two of my nephew's friends to a movie, the fun park, Mc Donalds, and the video game store where they played games for an hour.  One of the other mom's came along which was great because she has a mini-van so we could all ride together.  It cost around $200 but it was worth it for a once a year event.

Today is a lazy day.  I am recovering from all that social interaction.  I can forget that I am an introvert on some days, but all that shopping and spending and being in crowds of strangers sure is draining.  I mentioned to a co-worker that I was planning to take a Friday off work in order to take my nephew to the airport, which is a 6 hour trip (driving+airport stuff) because I wanted the whole weekend to relax.  She scoffed and thought I was being ridiculous.  No, really, working a full-time job is stressful enough then add a trip to the airport and I need a couple days to sleep in and get caught up on house stuff.  I noticed that the south side of the house needs some patching and painting and there is an outdoor light that is hanging precariously from the corner of the house.  I would love to have longer than just a weekend but my sister is coming out to visit in a few weeks so I am saving my vacation days.

Less than 2 more weeks of being a mom and then I can go back to single person mode until he comes back for Christmas break if he wants to come back.  I'm still taking it one week at a time.

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