Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here Comes The Rain

I can actually say that this was a relaxing weekend.  It was too hot to run errands or go anywhere so I stayed at home and cleaned and organized.  The extra bathroom is finally usable again after the puppy-dust was removed.  I organized the dog shelves and consolidated all of the food, toys and medication that I had in the living room and my bedroom.  I've been wanting to do that for over a year.  The dog bedding went in to the armoire and the cleaning supplies are neatly arranged on the laundry/tool shelves.  I even mopped part of the floor but then it rained on Sunday so I thought mopping was probably pointless at the moment.

The rain was wonderful even though the thunder and lightning makes my little dog hide and shake with fear.  My cherry tomato plants are producing a few tomatoes a day.  I have to make an effort to eat tomatoes.  I don't want to waste them after all the work I have put in to them.  I planted new squash since my other ones died.  Maybe there is still hope for squash this year.

I have purchased all of the inventory that I need for the start-up of my store, well, except for one item that the craft store was out of but everything else is good.  I ordered marbles and toy car tires yesterday.  I bet you can't figure out what I am making.  The pictures have been coming along slowly.  I took more today.  I still need to edit them, write descriptions and get serious about my pricing.  All these details are so time consuming.  I never thought it would take this much work.

Only 3 days of work this week.  I am very excited.  Holiday on Thursday and a vacation day on Friday.  I need to make the most of my time.  This is my last free weekend before my nephew returns.  I had hoped to have my store ready to launch by the time he came back but it doesn't look like I will meet that goal.  I have more than 4 days of work left.  I just need to focus on one step at a time.  That is the only way I will get it all done.

Oh, I survived jury duty but I have to go back.  Turns out that the jury pool for this case is really big so we just filled out paperwork and those who aren't excused will have to return in a week for the selection process.  At least I am experienced at the whole getting downtown, parking, court security thing.  I'll be a pro by the time I'm done.

Here's a picture of the dog I'm dog-sitting (for actual money) and my dog mugging for the camera.


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

marbles and car tyres? hmmm~~?

Daizy said...

Perplexing, isn't it?