Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Latest and Greatest Idea

I have been looking for income ideas beyond a part time job at Walmart which is opening soon down the road.  It is comforting to know that I could probably get a part time job nearby at the grocery store or a retail outlet but if I could find something that is more exciting to me then I'd rather do that.

One of my new favorite blogs is Walden Effect  I like that they live in an old mobile home that looks like the one I used to live in and I like that they are making a living with their own business and hard work.  I am also glad that I don't live in my old mobile home anymore because sometimes it felt like putting money in to it was just throwing money away. 

Anna from Walden Effects writes how-to books and she wrote one on Microbusiness.  I bought it and read it. It was a good start but I wanted more.

Last week I stumbled on this blog called My Wife Quit Her Job .  I was a little annoyed by the advertising over-kill but I found the blog to be immensely helpful and inspiring.   Now I want to open an online store.  I don't know if I would or will pay $500 for his complete online business course but maybe I will later on if I get to that point where I need help.  

I have actually always wanted to sell some sort of craft but craft shows are not my thing and etsy and ebay are too crowded.  You know, even back when I was a teenager, I wanted to sell something.  I got Teen magazine and there were advertisements in the back where people said to send $1 for recipes or hair tips or some sort of booklet.  I wanted to do that.  It is much easier now with online stores.  I have an idea too.  I'm not going to say what it is yet but I found a source to buy from and I want to put items together and sell kits and maybe later sell some that I have put together.  The best part about selling kits is that I just need good instructions and packaging.  It shouldn't take too long to put them in a box and ship as opposed to selling finished crafts or pieces of art.   

The first steps are to get a business license and then set up an online store.  The good thing is that I can do this from home while I still have my full time job.  I only need to make $650 profit per month to equal a part time job.   I don't think that is an unrealistic expectation.  I don't expect to do it right away but hopefully within the first year.  If I reach that point then I can quit my full time job and put more effort in to the online business.  If I can't reach that $650 per month goal in a year then I am doing something wrong.

We will see how long my enthusiasm can keep me motivated.  Today I filled out the form to register my business name.  Tomorrow I can send it in with a $10 check.  I need to keep close tabs on the money that I spend on this business because I don't want it to interfere with my savings plan.  One way or another I want to be working part time next year.  


Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

I think its a great idea. Do what makes you happy.

There are a couple of people on my Facebook you could get inspiration from. Carla's creations sells made to order wallets etc but also sell kits ( i bought one and maybe even sew it one day!). My niece sells personalized coat hangers for weddings. On my friendlist as Honeymoon Hangers. Cant imagine who would buy them but aarently its going really well.

Daizy said...

I love hearing about other peoples' businesses, Lizzie. I wonder how much they actually make if they broke it down to per hour.

Daizy said...

I just looked up Honeymoon Hangers. What a neat, creative idea! Did she come up with it herself?