Thursday, March 14, 2013

Getting Back On Track

Although I intend to write at least once a week, I admit it gets away from me sometimes.  Last week was a perfect example.  I planned to take last Thursday off so that I could work on a few things around the rental house.  On Wednesday I started feeling crummy but I had to go to work so that I could get all of the urgent things done.  I was hoping that it was just a passing thing and I would feel better on Thursday but no such luck.  I felt worse on Thursday but dragged myself to Home Depot and then to the rental house.  I didn't get a lot done before I admitted defeat and crawled in to bed.  The next day I had to call in sick.  I felt a little better on Saturday and went back to the house to take down the folding door in front of the laundry area that have always caused problems and replace them with curtains (which will probably cause different problems).  
I attempted to secure my new A/C condenser but I only got one post in the ground to secure my gate.  I have to go back this Saturday to finish up.   We went to visit my parents on Sunday and to look at the townhouse that my mother just bought.  When I got back I had a little bit of time to do the usual laundry, sweeping, clean up and I even got the cat cage put away, well, at least cleaned up and folded.  The cage is still in the living room.  It's too bad that when I finally felt good I ran out of weekend.
It is 90 degrees here now.  That is unseasonably warm.  The snow peas that I planted are coming up.  I had better get them some shade.  The strawberries never grew.  I kept the packaging so that I can take them back.  I'll buy something green this time instead of brown shriveled strawberry roots.  I planted some grass seed in a pot for the dogs to nibble but it didn't grow.  I think I didn't keep it wet enough.  Now that it is the middle of March I am going to plant the rest of my seeds.  Yellow squash, tomatoes, sunflowers.  I don't even remember what else I bought.  It is also time to figure out some shade for my bedroom window.  I bought water-proof patio fabric last Summer but never got around to putting the grommets on it and putting it up.  I also want gutters but I haven't figured out where to direct the water or if I want to collect it and I don't have a lot of money to spend.  
My plan to save $2,000 a month is not getting off to a good start.  My rental house has cost me around $2,000 and more as it sits there vacant.  The property management company has said that it is ready to rent and I even paid an extra $200 for more advertising and a 30 guarantee that it will get a tenant.  I am eagerly awaiting the results.  I want my savings plan to get back on track.

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