Friday, February 15, 2013

Kitties, Court and Thievery

Sorry for the few posts but with my new parenting responsibilities, I find I have little time to relax and when I get a few minutes, blogging is way down on my priority list.  My nephew is visiting with his grandparents today so I have a few moments to think.

Here's what's been going on.  I went to court on Monday and I am now a legal guardian.  I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint.  It was just like on TV, got sworn in, said "yes, your Honor" and all that.  Turned in my paperwork and it was official.  Some other people didn't show up for their hearing and the judge issued a warrant for their arrest.  Ooo...drama.

With my official paperwork in hand, I went to his school and updated his contact info then dropped an application at the high school of his choice although there is only a slim chance he will get in.

My tooth hasn't hurt since that day that I bit the almond M&M.  That means it probably has a small crack but I am not calling it urgent.  I did submit the paperwork to add my nephew on my health insurance and to add vision and dental benefits.  I am not sure when that kicks in but I think it is when they start charging me.  It usually takes a few weeks to get the new ID cards.

Rental house update:  The tenants moved out but we had to go through with the eviction because they didn't turn in the keys.  The property management company did an inspection today and the house doesn't need much to get it back in shape, clean carpets, clean the surfaces, new light bulbs, trim shrubs, change locks.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that the outside condenser unit for the air conditioner is missing.  Ugh.  That happened to my boss about 6 months ago and I was worried about it since my house was vacant.  The thieves steal it for the $300 worth of copper inside and the unit costs about $2-3 thousand dollars!  I called my insurance company and I will have to pay the $1,000 deductible.  I was hoping this whole rental house turnover would only cost $1,000.  This time I am putting a cage around the A/C unit!

So, that's the news.  Oh, and I am also fostering a kitty.  The dogs don't like her and she doesn't like the dogs so I have to keep them separate.  She is going back to the shelter and will hopefully get adopted soon. Since my nephew was the one who was begging me for a cat I thought it would be a good chance to see if he would take care of a cat.  Well, he fed it occasionally and played with it but he never cleaned the litter box or swept up spilled litter so I will not be adopting a cat unless I want the extra chores.  That's good to find out while the cat is still a temporary visitor.

Tomorrow I have plans to go out to my old place and sort through more stuff.  Of course, I am feeling lazy at the moment.  Maybe I will have more energy tomorrow.


Dave said...

Ouch with the A/C condenser. Could the recently departed tenants have taken it as a one-for-the-road present? They should be likely suspects but you couldn' prove it.

Looks like the adopted kitty won't be staying around. Too bad. But at lesat your nephew won't be bugging you about adopting another one.

Good to see you back here, it had beena while. Are you off from work Monday?

Daizy said...

The property manager doesn't think it was the tenants and I don't either because they didn't take the stove or fridge which would have been much easier to take (no un-bolting or cutting wires and lifting 100 pounds) and easier to sell. I read that the thieves get around $300 for the copper inside which also means they have to chop it up because turning in a whole condenser looks suspicious at the recycler.

Unfortunately, I have to work Monday. My first holiday isn't until March. Seem like it will never get here.

Hope you didn't get any new damage from that last storm.