Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Never Enough Time

School has started and homework time has been going relatively well except for some lack of initiative on my nephew's part to actually turn assignments in.  Luckily, the school has a website for grades and I can see when he gets a zero.  We have a rule that says that if there are zeros then there is no tv or games until the zeros are fixed or if they can't be fixed then he must wait a week.  Yesterday I told him that he was on a week of entertainment restriction and he was bummed but then his teacher gave him late credit so now he just has to turn in his other 2 missing assignments.  Perhaps this will help him pay attention to due dates.  It will take a lot more practice though.  He isn't used to having strict deadlines.
I've managed to arrange our schedules so that I can pick him up after work.  He has joined the soccer team and he goes to horseback riding lessons on Friday.  The lessons cost me $25 each Friday but they pick him up after school and drop him off half way to my house in the evening which makes it so that I don't have to leave work early.  I don't want to use up my work "favors" yet.  I know there will be other times like when he is sick or has appointments and I will need to ask for time off or a flexible schedule.
Last weekend I went to the thrift store to look for some used cowboy boots for my nephew.  They had some funky ones that were snake or lizard skin but I wanted something plain.  I bought him 2 pairs of shorts which ended up being too small.  I haven't figured out his size yet.  I think I should start shopping in the men's section.  I bought myself 3 shirts but didn't try them on because I ran out of time and had to pick up my foster dog.  I tried on one of the shirts this morning and was dismayed to find it was too small.  Even though the tag said large I think it should have been in the large children's section.   
We have had weather in the 20's at night here with the high in the 40's.  I covered my pipes with blankets so no broken pipes yet.  I bet the plastic pipes at my property have broken.  I forgot about them.  I bet the water tank will be empty when I go out there next time.  It is frustrating to worry about my stuff out there and not have the time to go deal with it.  I plan to go out there on Sunday and bring back more items to use, sell or give away.  Spring break is only 9 weeks away and my nephew will be going to visit his grandparents.  I think I will take a day or two off and have a couple long weekend to work on my own projects. 


Dave said...

Good to see you post again, Daizy. Missed you a lot.

Looks like your nephew is starting off as a major project. I hope he can get used to a routine of doing his schoolwork on time.

I am amazed at the temps in AZ being the same as here in New York. but here in NY we have heating system to keep the pipes from freezing up. I hope the damage to your property is minimal.

Are you off from owrk for King Day next week or President's Day next month? Those could be chances to get some work done.

Lizzie@her MFW Homeworld said...

Hi Daizy
It wont be long before you have an assistant to help you with all of various chores. Honest

Daizy said...

You got that right, Dave. He is a major project. It was a lot of work just to fit him in to my work schedule. Now I need to fine tune things so that I get some free time back. I don't get a holiday until the Friday before Easter. They moved our holidays to the day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

It sure was cold here but we didn't get any snow because it was so dry. I would have liked a little snow, the kind that melts by noon.

Daizy said...

Really Lizzie? So far it seems like I am HIS assistant. I would like it the other way around.