Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday Is Looming

Life here is busy, as usual.  This weekend I attempted to buy my nephew clothes from the thrift store.  I managed to get 2 pair of shorts, 1 shirt and a camo jacket.  I told him that he wasn't allowed to wear the camo jacket with the camo pants to school.  One can only handle so much camo.  He says the jacket is for airsoft-ing which is those guns that shoot little plastic pellets.  He was going to go try it out this new activity this weekend but his friend's mom wouldn't let him go.  That was great for me because he stopped talking about it for now.

My tenants haven't paid rent in 2 months and the property management company tells me that they are going ahead with the eviction.  I went over to the house and it was obvious that they were moving out (full trash can, empty living room/kitchen) but they weren't home.  I left a note asking that they hand the keys in so that the eviction wouldn't have to go ahead but I doubt they care at this point.  I'm hoping the eviction doesn't cost too much but I think it is at least $600.  That is painful since I am out $1900 in rent already and will also have to pay for cleaning and then wait for a new tenant.  At least the management company is taking care of the details.  I don't have the time to deal with it right now.

Work is annoying as usual.  The big boss asked me what my aspirations were with the company.  Um...aspirations?  I don't have any.  Perhaps to remain employed for as long as I need a job?  They want to redistribute the work so that one employee in particular isn't so bogged down.  I said I would do what ever I can do to help.  He's a perfectionist so "helping" him isn't as easy as the boss thinks it is.  When I have tried to help before he ends up doing my work over anyway.

I am not looking forward to another week of work and homework but I will tackle it one day at a time.  Hopefully, my nephew will go away on a camp-out next weekend and I will have a few days to myself.  I am certainly looking forward to that.


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Dave said...

Ugh, Daizy, it did not take too long for your tenants to stop paying you rent altogether. That's a very shaky form of income, so it is a good thing you don't totally rely on that income to live. Also a good thing you have that management company to deal with most of the work. Still......

Daizy said...

Yes, Dave. I did not expect them to stop paying and sneak away like this. They were late sometimes but always paid. I guess they needed my 2 months rent as a deposit on a new place. It is quite discouraging. I had such high hopes. I hope I get a new renter soon after all this is over.

Anonymous said...

Look like having a management did not help much in gain. You lose a month every ten. I would suspect you got a better head up if you dyi. Your tenant might still be around if you are around to make quick but important decision.

San Jose ca

Anonymous said...

Nothing unique or new about a tenant not paying and leaving. It happens all the time. as a landlord you get some good tenants and you get some bad.
I say stay with the management company unless you want to deal with listening to the sob stories of current tenants and finding new ones. I have a mgmt company and would pay them even more to manage my properties. I don't want to know ANYTHING about the people living in my rental. They pay they stay. They don't they get evicted and new tenants will be in with in 45 days MAX. Repeat cycle.

Daizy said...

I've done the do it yourself route for 3 years and I learned the hard way that I am a terrible landlord. Non-payement, drugs, sex offenders, totally trashed house. It was awful. The property management co. has done much better than I did even with this eviction and I greatly appreciate not being involved.