Monday, December 24, 2012

Time For Auto Maintence

I got out of work early on Friday and decided to stop by Brake Max where I had my shocks replaced a few years ago.  I wasn't sure if I had to go back to the same location and I didn't have my old receipt with me but it didn't matter.  The guy at the desk as very nice and was able to look the information up on the computer.  They got my truck in after an hour which was great because I thought I would have to make an appointment for at least a week later.  The estimate was not pretty.  I needed 4 shocks and front brakes including drums.  I knew that so it wasn't a surprise.  They drove me home and got my truck done by 4.  I am so glad that I finally fixed my truck.  It was a lot of money but before I spend money on fixing up my kitchen or landscaping I really needed to fix my truck.  Plus, that pesky ABS light doesn't come on anymore.

Just when I was thinking about how nice it was that I didn't have to think about truck maintenance any more, I took my dog to the vet and he jumped out of the truck and caught his leash on the window lever.  Yes, I have a truck with manual windows.  Then the driver's side remote controlled lock stopped working.  I have a feeling that the window incident somehow unhooked the door lock.  Neither of those problems are urgent but both are annoying.  I can buy a replacement window knob for $10.  I could probably fix the door lock myself if I could figure out how to get the door panel off.  Luckily, with Youtube I just might find and instructional video that could help me.  I'll put that on my to-do list right after Christmas, getting my parents moved and rearranging my house. 

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