Monday, December 31, 2012

Not Like Last Year

Things have been changing rapidly around here.  My parents successfully moved in to their apartment.  I have been gathering up the stray odds and ends around the house and will take them over to them tomorrow.  I have been non-stop busy trying to get my house organized.  First I cleaned my parents old room.  Then we moved my nephew's stuff in to that room.  I still don't know why he likes that room better.  Then I moved the furniture that I bought at the estate sale in to his old room.  The next day we went out to my old place and got my old bed and more stuff.  At this point I was really tired of moving things, especially beds, but I pressed on.  Next I moved my bed in to my nephew's room and put the bed from my old place in my room. It took a lot of cleaning and a lot of laundry but we finally got it done.

Today we went to the library, then stopped at the bank to see the notary so that I can start the guardianship process, then to Big Lots so that my nephew could spend some of his Christmas money on The Pirates of the Carribean game for the wii.  He loves the wii but I keep telling him that he isn't going to be able to play it this much once school starts.  If I have to take it to work with me during the week I will.  I bought him socks and a comforter/sheet set for the bed that I just moved to his room.  After that was grocery shopping.  I have to actually plan meals now.  Then unloading and putting it all away and I am tired.

I thought about staying up until midnight but people are setting off fireworks and other things and the dogs are scared and want me to go to bed and I'm tired too.  So, Happy New Year to everyone! (just a few hours early for my timezone).

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Daizy said...

Happy New Year! This will be the best year yet, right?