Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New Bathroom Preparations

The shower stall and sink were delivered today.  This bathroom is starting to take shape.  Tomorrow the handyman will arrive with the toilet and take a look what needs to be done.  I hope this doesn't take too long.  The old washer has started leaking so I think I will let the junk dealer pick up the old washer and dryer.  Maybe I will stumble across a great deal on a used washer in the near future so that I can have my own space for dog laundry.  All of the stuff that was in the laundry room and breakfast nook is now stashed in the living room.  We don't use that room very much so it isn't much of an inconvenience.  

The weather here is hot and humid.  Not as humid as other places but the swamp cooler certainly isn't cooling the house very well.  Only a few more weeks and the humidity will go back down and the swamp cooler will work again.

I got a weed notice from my HOA for my rental house so I went over there at lunch and pulled weeds and almost got heat stroke.  It was soooo hot.  The next day I went back with a bottle full of ice water and a wet towel on my neck.  I was only able to work for 20 minutes before the heat got me again.  This morning I got up early and finished the job at 7:30am.  The rosemary shrub in the front was dead so I tried to clean it up but I couldn't get all of the stumps out.  I ended up moving some rocks to that spot and attempting to cover the stumps.  I hope I don't get an ugly yard violation next week.  It looks fine from a distance.

I was not happy with the weed killer that I bought.  Last year I bought some good stuff that smelled like gasoline.  The weeds were dying before I even finished spraying the yard.  This time the weeds from yesterday looked mildly amused that I had tried to kill them.  I hope the sun does them in.  I spread pre-emergent also so that there will be less weeds next time.

The rest of my time has been spent helping my nephew get used to his new school and routine.  It will take him a while to get used to the work load but hopefully he will be able to handle it.  They have a great system where the parents can see every grade that they get.  I must admit it is fun to help him with homework and then see the grade.  So far the grades haven't been great so there is room for improvement but I have high hopes.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

I had forgotten you had a rental house. There has been way too much action this year!

Daizy said...

I am very glad that my rental house has been low maintenance this year. I don't think I could handle another $6,000 make-over for the rental. Pulling weeds is all I can take.