Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Houses, Dogs And More

Tomorrow, finally, Century Link will come out and bury their cable in my yard.  Hopefully that won't interupt my internet service for very long.  When they are done I can continue my backyard landscaping...although I don't really have a master plan or anything.  The recent rains have reminded me that I need to put a gutter on the porch so that the water doesn't pool near the house.  I'll put that on my project list.  I would also like to use the greywater from my washing machine to water my trees.  I'll put that on the list too.
I saw this article in our local online newspaper.  If you have been reading my blog for many years, you might remember that at one time I was planning to buy a shipping container and turn it into a small house.  My plans were crushed when I called the zoning department and was told shipping containers were not allowed on residential property in Pima county.  Well, it turns out that they are allowed within the Tucson city limits and someone has made a house out of four of them.  Some of the neighbors aren't happy about it but I think it is a creative way to build on a small lot.  With the addition of the planned sunshade and trees it will look better. 
So, if my parents buy a house that doesn't have a guest house for me, I can just have a shipping container plopped in the backyard and live in that.  Somehow I don't think my parents would be very supportive of that idea.  My mother likes white picket fences and country kitchens not the industrial look.  I still have my RV.  Perhaps it would be more practical to put the RV in their backyard and use it as my quiet retreat spot.
In other news, the hunt continues for a new washer and dryer.  We just missed the big 4th of July appliance sale at Home Depot.  Next we will check the Sears Outlet store and the scratch and dent place called Tucson Appliance.  My own hunt for a used washing machine (for dog laundry) on craig's list has not produced results but the old machine is still limping along and as long as it hold out we won't have a laundry emergency (although there are laundrymats nearby so it wouldn't really be an emergency, just inconvenient.)
The dog situation has stagnated again.  I have 7.  One puppy just doesn't want to get adopted.  I thought I had someone that wanted her but I haven't heard from them since yesterday so I guess that is a no.  It sure would be nice for her to find a new home.  My own fat dog who was limping is doing much better and we are able to go on walks again.  All of his tests came back negative but the anti-inflamatory pills they gave him worked great.  I hope they have a lasting effect.  I still have 3 other adult foster dogs.  I am surprised that it has taken so long for my poodle/jack russell mix to get adopted.  He is a cute dog.  People think that he is smaller than he is in reality or they meet him at adoption events where he will bark at other dogs and that puts people off.  My momma dog is pretty good at adoption events but she will occasionally bark at dogs that walk by.  She is very friendly to strangers so that is always a plus.  I hope she finds a good home soon.  I would like to take a Saturday off once in a while to go do other things besides trying to get dogs adopted.  I haven't been out to my mobile home in weeks and I am worrying about my stuff out there with the rain and packrats and who-knows-what.  I often think about what I want to do with that property.  I still can't decide.  It is too hard to know what I will need in the future.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Yep, myum & dad are really not going to like the container option, evne if it has a picket fence. They might accept one as a large kennel?
Is seven about your dog limit now? To me that seems a hand full still but you have had a bit of practice now.

Dave said...

Sometimes your blog reads like an episode of "This Old House." A few weeks ago there was some plumbing repair piece on that show and I started thinking about you LOL!

Tessie said...

I've had good look with Lowe's for appliances. Free delivery (next day if the drivers aren't too swamped), and competitive pricing. It seems like they are always having sales. Here in Texas the tax-free holiday is just around the corner (I think), maybe you have something like that?

Tessie said...

Oh, sorry, that's good "luck". Heh.

Daizy said...

7 dogs seems a bit low but maybe it is just right

Daizy said...

Ask This Old House is one of my favorite shows, Dave. Maybe because I can relate to all of their problems.

Daizy said...

Tessie, We will definitely we watching for the sales at Home Depot and Lowe's. I just usually go to Home Depot because it is a little closer.