Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bathroom Progress And Other Things

I helped a coworker pick up an office chair this afternoon and she bought me lunch.  As we were going through the Mc Donald's drive thru there was an ambulance on the other side of the store.  I wonder if the food had anything to do with it.  
My mother bought a new washer and dryer.  It was delivered today and set up in the breakfast nook which will soon be our new laundry area.  Unfortunately, we don't have hookups for the new units yet so we can't use them.  I think the handyman will be available in 2 weeks.  Until then we will have to look at them longingly and put up with our noisy washer.  If we get really desperate we can buy an extra long water hose and run some pvc pipe out of the doggy door for the drain.
We went to the Sears outlet store to look at washers and dryers last Saturday but they were terribly overpriced.  It seemed like every one had 4 PRICE REDUCED stickers proclaiming a great lower price.  Their lowest price was still higher than most of the units at Home Depot.  After Sears, my parents went to Lowe's and found a sale.  Today my mother ordered the toilet/pump unit so now we just need the shower stall, shower head, and the laundry sink for our new bathroom.  My nephew is back from visiting him grandparents so bathrooms are in high demand again.  He will start year round school on Friday so he will be busy most of the day.  
I haven't done any more work on my shade project.  The grommets that I ordered will be here next week.  One of my friends offered to hem the awning material that I bought for me.  That will be great.  I was not looking forward to that task.  So far we haven't had a lot of rain on our side of town.  There was a big storm on Sunday but we only got .35 inches while other parts of town got 2-3 inches of rain.  I suppose out time will come.  Good thing I am not dependant on the rain for my water any more.  I would be really struggling at this point.  Because we haven't had much rain, my shade fabric is still attached and hasn't been destroyed by the wind.  Usually all awnings, tarps, shade cloth, etc...is mangled by the storms.  Century Link had marked my yard but that is all.  I suppose they are too busy repairing storm damage to bother with burying my line.  
My poor little baby trees are still trying to grow despite being attacked by puppies numerous times.  Now that I don't have any puppies hopefully they will survive.  It is so nice to be able to sleep until my alarm goes off in the morning instead of being woken up to let the puppies out at 3am.  Now if only I could get my other foster dogs adopted.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Hasn't stopped raining here yet even though its almost August. My back garden in under inches of water. Wish i could send you over some

Daizy said...

Me too! I can't believe I have to water my plants this time of year.