Sunday, June 10, 2012

House Hunting Again

I am already looking forward to June being over.  This weekend was HOT and this week will be hotter.  My parents, nephew and I went to look at 2 houses on Saturday.  The first one was on 5 acres and built in the 70's.  It hadn't been updated at all and the outbuildings were in bad shape.  If we were to buy that place I would demolish the guest house and the horse arena bleachers and build a new guest house.  We didn't feel like doing that much work so it was on to the next house.  

House #2 was on 3 acres and was built in the 80's.  It was remodeled inside and was very pretty.  There was a pool and a newly built 4 car garage and guest house.  The problem was that it was TOO nice.  I couldn't see my dogs living there.  There was no easy access from the guest house to outside, maybe if I put a dog door in to the garage and then built a block walled yard next to the garage.  It was a great house and a great price, $280k short sale, but it just didn't fit our needs.

We made it home after noon and we were all hot and tired.  Looking at houses in this heat is difficult.  At least my new realtor was brave enough to go in all of the scary and dirty places.  My last realtor would have waited in her car.  My mom decided that it would be perfect if she could just buy the house next door to my current house.  That would be great but it isn't for sale.  Oh well, we will keep looking.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

Take your time. The perfect place is just waiting for you,, i am sure.

Anonymous said...

What would you do with the house you have now?

Daizy said...

My last house hunt seemed like it took forever. I think my mom is tired of looking at houses after just 2 of them. Of course the heat doesn't help.

Daizy said...

Anonymous, I would rent out my house but I can't do that until March of next year. It was part of the mortgage contract.