Thursday, June 14, 2012

Empty House And Visitors

My sister and her son came out to visit.  They stayed at a hotel and my parents and nephew were going to stay at the same hotel but the hotel pool had to be drained so they ended up at another hotel with a functioning pool.  I was torn between enjoying my house all to myself and spending time with the visitors.  I took a half day off but still the time flew by and it seems like they were barely here at all.  

Everything is back to normal now (if this is considered normal).  The house is full of people fighting over the bathroom again.  Someone came to look at one of my foster dogs but unfortunately they wanted a non-shedding dog and my dog sheds.  The weather has been around 105 which is normal for June.  This is the time of year that we count down the weeks until it rains.  I really need to secure my shade tarps and fit my AC in the window BEFORE it rains.

I looked for more houses with large yards and 3 bathrooms but didn't find anything close enough to my work.  I'll keep looking.  


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

You are definitely starting to sound a little stressed out. I guess going to work is the quieter option at the moment?

Daizy said...

Ha! Work is torture. It is nice and quiet in my office but I'm not allowed to sleep (ok, so I have tried but I'm afraid of getting caught).