Saturday, June 30, 2012

Adopted Puppies And Repair Bills

It is after 10 and I should be asleep but I want to write about all of the things I have finally accomplished from my never-ending chore list.  Yesterday I took my dog to the vet at lunch.  I was hoping to find out why he is limping but his xrays looked normal.  They did a blood test too so maybe that will shed some light on his problem.  I was expecting it to cost around $300.  They gave me an estimate between $450 and $550.  I was resigned to pay more money but then when it was all done the bill only came to $365 so I was happy even though it was more than I initially expected.  Funny how that worked out.

Today I took my truck in to the mechanic to find out why it is squealing.  I got an oil change while I was at it.  The estimate for repairs is $1,500.  That's not just for the squealing, that's also for the sluggishness when I first start it up and also new shocks.  I agree to pay $800 which doesn't include the shocks because I am pretty sure my back shocks should still be under warranty from Brake Masters.  I swear that back shock looked the same when I had them done a few years ago.  Do you think they spray oil on it and say it is leaking fluid?  I don't know how to tell if shocks are going bad.  They said that my tires will wear out faster and my tires certainly have been wearing out fast.  Anyway, I have an appointment for next Thursday.  That will take care of a few of the problems.

After that I loaded up my momma dog and 3 puppies and headed over to the adoption event.  The puppies were a big hit and 2 were adopted right away although I am waiting until Friday to deliver one of them.  The other puppy was finally adopted after I brought her to their house and their dog trainer walked them through the steps for handling and training puppies.  I hope it works out.  They all get a 7 day trial period.  I don't want any puppies returned.  I am really enjoying the quiet.  It was a really long day so I had better go to sleep even though I want to watch something on Netflix.  Tomorrow I will try to get at least one window AC unit put in.  It is much more complicated than it sounds but I am optimistic.


Lizzie @ her homeworld said...

All sounds very productive but big, big ouch for the truck. I hope you manage to get the shocks sorted under warranty. Not good.

Anonymous said...

Daizy, I'm so thrilled to see you have a current blog! Keep up the great work.(you can actually remove mine as I have not updated in over a year!)

Biting The Penny

Daizy said...

Lizzie, I am so bad at auto maintenance I probably get taken advantage of every time. I don't have a place that I trust. They told me I need the oil cap gasket replaced. I bet they just made that up!

Daizy said...

Hello Biting the Penny! Good to see you are still visiting even if you aren't blogging. I am so bad at keeping my links current. I bet half of the blogs are gone. My life is super busy now that my parents and nephew moved in and it is harder and harder to post but I am trying for 2 or 3 times a week. If I could ever figure out some real goals I might have more the write about. Thanks for the comment!

glass and mirror repair said...

All sounds very productive but big, big ouch for the truck. I hope you manage to get the shocks sorted under warranty. Not good.

Daizy said...

glass and mirror, I decided to put off most of the truck work and just do the repairs it needs now. I'll have to budget the other items for the coming months. Hopefully I can split it up in to $500 increments. That seems more manageable.